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  1. ROBERT EVANS says:


  2. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    “Sorry Robert,

    we only have ducks & hens & until recently had a pair of Brecon Buff geese – but we’ve never kept turkeys.

    I suggest you look in the small ads in ‘Smallholder’ or ‘Country Smallholding’ magazine for information.”

  3. Sarah Williams says:

    Have been given your website address via a friend, what lovely photographs!

    I am looking for a house dairy goat, having only one at the moment, who is currently in kid and dry. Wondered if you had a milker for sale, or know of anyone who does. Ideally a Toggenburg or Saanen.

    Kind Regards


  4. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    “Hi Sarah,

    many thanks for the compliments, it’s great to know that people enjoy reading about what we do here. Apologies I haven’t been able to respond to your comment sooner, but I’ve been rushed off my feet (hence also, the lack of posts – sorry readers!).

    Regarding a mliker for sale – sorry but we only breed replacement stock for our Foundation Herd at present – but I do know of another smallholder/showing breeder in the area, who may be able to help as she has a milking BT doe + goatling for sale (but I think she wants them sold as a pair).

    Basically, once we have a full compliment of around 75 milkers we will be looking to sell some female kids, by which time I imagine they will cost around £300 each as they are from the finest top qualilty pedigree/milking bloodlines, with full herd health status (i.e. scrapie monitored, CAE tested, BTV/Heptavac P+ vaccinated etc) with their dams’ full milk records.

    However, as this is only our third breeding year by my calculations we will not have any females – & they will only be kids – for sale, until 2012 (so they’ll obviously turn out to be Olympic-standard milkers….!! 😉 )

    For those wanting ‘ASAP’ milk we do put a sales caveat on any female kids under twelve months old, that they are not to be mated until they are a minimum of 18 months old (or more if they need some further ‘growing up’ time: frankly, we care; with our lovely goats I have a soft heart & a head, to match – or so I’m endlessly ridiculed….).

    We do have one (possibly two) lovely ladies, looking for a new & caring home. Both have unfortunately not produced kids for a couple of years; so I am seeking loving ‘companion’ homes for them.

    We have high hopes that our darling, sweet-natured Woodie may yet – still – kid: she has already carried one baby, almost to full term….

    However a deep-seated uterine infection apparently contracted at an early age, is proving a challenge to overcome – although our vet is very positive that with the treatment applied, this year we can help her become the attentive mother she so clearly wants to be (this gorgeous goat ‘adopted’ me as her kid when she so sadly lost her own baby…what a wonderful Mum); & what a deeply touching experience, I can tell you.

    However dear Virginia (Ginny) is evidently barren – & whilst she has oodles of personality, now needs better company than her ‘off-season’ boyfriends. So whilst she will never produce any milk, we would be delighted to give her away, to a guaranteed wonderful, loving home.

    Unfortunately Sarah, as I have no idea where you are in terms of world/UK/Wales I cannot really say whether we can help you (although, I sincerely hope we can). So please send another comment & I’ll see what I can do – here to be of assistance (if I can). And as I mentioned, I do have reliable contacts who may be able to fulfil your request.

    All the best, to you & your caprine chums..!


  5. Anne says:

    What a great website. I have website envy now. I am passing the link on to my pals on facebook.

    Love the writing – ah what a life.

  6. Stuart Young says:

    Hi there. We are looking to buy a number of goats to bring on for meat. Do you have any young males available for sale? Many thanks

  7. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    “Hi there Stuart,

    I’m afraid we don’t, at the moment. As they are all top-flight pedigrees we do try to sell all our young males for stud work; however if you contact us again in May, we might be able to help you.

    Our goats are all pure-bred British Toggenburgs, which are a dairy breed. Ideally you would want Boer goats or Boer Crosses for meat.”

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