Goats (non-milking)


Apologies – we currently do not have any goats For Sale.  Keep checking back!

2 Responses to Goats (non-milking)

  1. Craig says:

    I am very interested in giving your goat a home, we have just moved onto a smallholding and recently bought Shetland ponies and now looking for more animals to join the family.
    If she is still available please get back to me .


    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      “Hello there, Craig –

      apologies, Ginny has already left & we have no further goats available for sale at present.

      Incidentally it is worth noting that as Herd animals goats need companions of their own species – you cannot/should not keep a lone goat (in fact I believe that under DEFRA regulations it’s actually illegal). Hence if you did not already have goats, she could not have gone to you anyway.

      In order to keep livestock such as goats, sheep, pigs & cattle you will need a CPH (County Parish Holding) number which you can get from your local DEFRA office if your property does not already have one.

      If your smallholding is in Wales & you are still looking for a couple of goats, it might be worth getting in touch with ‘Kid Me Not’ over near Talley (they have a website if you ‘Google’ the company name), as Loraine occasionally has spare stock for sale. She also runs periodic goat husbandry courses – so if you haven’t kept caprines before I would thoroughly recommend attending as they are actually very different from sheep.

      Meanwhile if you require any further information, do feel free to get in touch.”

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