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Pastures New

These are words I hoped I would not write: not for many, many years at least.  Our lovely little Lady Diddie, is no longer with us. After having survived her night in the Veterinary Hospital with negligible but at least some improvement she … Continue reading

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Assault & Battery Course

It’s Mothers’ Day: & I truly feel like the Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe – what to do, with all these darn kids…?!   They’re driving me mad.  There are thirty-eight of the little horrors causing havoc in the Dairy … Continue reading

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St David’s Day to all of you who (rightly) celebrate all that is great about this wonderful Welsh nation; but especially, a Very Happy Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband, as today we celebrate glorious years of marriage together.   Here … Continue reading

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Difficult Day: A Study in (mostly) Black & White

It was the unearthly halflight which caused me to stir from an uneasy slumber. Anxious after my restless night, I was exhausted through lack of sleep, coupled with the concern that coping alone with these inclement conditions might prove a challenge … Continue reading

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The Icing on the (Mountainous) Cake

Today was my wonderful husband’s ’21st’ birthday (again!!); thanks to all for their warm greetings in wishing him a Very Happy Birthday (or ‘Penblywydd Hapus’, in Welsh). He was absent for much of the day, flying;  whilst I tackled the annual income tax returns … Continue reading

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At the Turning of the Year

….The clock struck midnight. But are they the promising peals of a peaceful & prosperous 2009, or the clanging chimes of Credit Crunch-filled doom….?  Only time will tell – & all we can do, is not play into the hands of Fate … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound

The watery winter sun rose to reveal an inhospitable morning. The air was still thick with frost; every branch & bough burdened with the weight of many thousands of hoary white ice crystals.  After a luxurious lie-in we joined the … Continue reading

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Time Out

Today saw one of those very rare occasions for me: a night, spent away from the Ffarm.  We were doing a ‘whistle stop’ tour; first calling in to see a friend in Cardiff & then travelling all the way to … Continue reading

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Boxed In? Time Out….

Boxing Day is traditionally a welcome, extended ‘holiday’….. but not for the majority of families’ chief cook-&-bottle-washer (AKA wife), with yet another day of marathon meal preparation ahead….so, my solution?  Well; time to get out & about – & blow away some of … Continue reading

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas….

….but only just; when Tony arrived home from Heathrow after a particularly gruelling few days of simulator training with his Airline.  Having travelled there by train he opted to return on the coach; partially owing to the astronomically spiralling cost … Continue reading

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