fleeces for sale

Ffarm Fach’s flock of Shetland/Ryeland ewes offer a number of fine-quality fleeces for sale.  These are ideal for handspinning & are available in a variety of natural colours as follows:

1.70 kg:  dark chocolate/moorit-type colour approx = £1.19

2.00 kg:  dark grey+fawn/emsket-type colour approx = £1.40  (Sold)

2.20 kg: fawn on dark chocolate/mioget colour approx = £1.54 (Sold)

2.40 kg: mid-dark chocolate/moorit colour approx (damp hence only) = £1.40

2.60 kg: silver+fawn/musket colour approx = £1.82

2.60 kg: pure white fine No 1 = £1.82

2.80 kg: dark chocolate+fawn tips on silver/mioget colour approx = £1.96 (Reserved)

3.00 kg: silver+grey/musket colour approx = £2.10  (Sold)

3.75 kg:  silver+some chocolate/musket colour approx = £2.63  (Sold)

4.60 kg: white fine No 2 = £3.22  (Sold)

Prices are based upon the British Wool Marketing Board’s average projected overall price for wool sold under their jurisdiction & so offers good value to those wishing to spin raw wool at home but who are otherwise without access to a ready supply of fleece.  Please refer to the header photograph of our general ‘Sheep’ page for a picture of the fleeces in their woolsack, taken just after they had been sheared earlier this year. 

I must stress that we’re not interested in making any profit on our wool; all we’re doing is helping to cover our shearing costs.  Unfortunately we were not sent a Wool Ticket this year so as it would cost us around £70 to courier our fleeces to our ‘local’ Wool Marketing Board offices in Brecon, we’d be sorely out of pocket if we did so!  Besides, I’d far rather see these lovely fleeces in their myriad natural colours go to good homes where they’ll be made into beautiful garments as they deserve; than used for loft insulation or whatever.

Please note prices are non-negotiable & are NOT inclusive of P&P should the purchaser wish to have their fleece delivered via Royal Mail. 

Thank you for your interest & we’d be grateful for any photos of the resultant garments this lovely, soft wool produces!

50 Responses to fleeces for sale

  1. Gail DeVille says:

    I’m a spinner living in Dubai, UAE for 9 years. Would like to know what it would cost to send aprox. 2.5 KG fleece here to me? If it were mailed to NE Lincolnshire what would the cost be?
    Also, the prices above are for what weight of fleece?
    Thanks for your help

  2. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    “Hello out there in sunny Dubai, Gail –

    I suppose you weren’t dreaming of a white Christmas so I hope the fact that it’ll be snowing on the Blog until 2nd January makes you feel more at home!

    On the question of fleece prices, the actual weight of each fleece is underlined at the front of each entry above: I’ve actually categorised & recorded every individual fleece, they aren’t in groups (we only had eleven to start with!).

    In terms of the size you’re after, I’d go for either of the 2.6 kg fleeces, one of which is silver & fawn, & the other is pure white & belongs to our favourite ewe, Angelica (or ‘Jelly’, as she prefers to be known!). So it depends on whether you’re looking for a natural colour, or for something to dye – in which case of course, you’d need the white one.

    I’ll find out from Royal Mail the cost of despatch both to Dubai & to Lincolnshire – although it may be a couple of days before I can get back to you, as being New Year it’s a bit quiet at the mo!

    There is a 2.4kg chocolate fleece available; but I’d prefer that any potential purchaser actually sees it first as it was damp when placed in the woolsack; whilst it’s probably fine I’m not a spinner myself (no time, alas) & I wouldn’t want a disappointed customer! If you’d like a chocolate one I’d suggest the little 1.7 kg fleece instead, it’s lovely.

    Hope this helps & Happy New Year –


  3. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    “Hi again Gail –

    in answer to your question reference costs to send a fleece directly to Dubai, it would cost between £40-£95 depending on the size of the package as well as the weight (for air freight hold space is a premium). To send the fleece to Lincolnshire would, conversely, cost £8.24.

    Please bear in mind these costs do not include packaging although obviously I’d do my best to keep those to a minimum for you.

    There are several couriers offering their services on the Internet, charging a broad spectrum of prices; I dare say if you ‘shopped around’ you could get the service for less. I’d do it mysef but as I’m sure you can appreciate time is of the essence here on the Ffarm….!!

    Best wishes –


  4. Abigail Faldrowicz says:

    Hello, do you still have the:

    2.60kg of the fine white no 1,
    and the 2.80 kg: dark cohocolate+fawn tips on silver/mioget colour

    If so can you give me a price including postage? I’ve moved from sunny london to cold scotland and want to knit lots of warm items in time for next winter! 🙂

    Please email me, thanks, Abi

  5. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    “Hi Abi,

    thanks for your interest. Yes we still have those two fleeces – prices as listed above. The two fleeces together would cost £3.78.

    Unless Royal Mail charged me more I’d estimate P&P at approximately £18.50; this includes standard delivery for a 4 kg parcel @ £6.85. Owing to the length & girth of each fleece I’d have to send each one seperately (=£13.70 postage). I can’t specifically say how much wrapping materials for each fleece (& they’re big parcels!) would cost at this point. There’s also the time it takes to sort & wrap them; plus two trips into the local town (approx 15 minutes’ drive away), to buy the packaging & to deliver them to the Post Office for despatch.

    Unfortunately as we only mail out fleeces very rarely we don’t keep a large stock of packaging materials on ‘standby’ – it simply wouldn’t be viable.

    I’m sure there must be cheaper methods of standard UK delivery if you wanted to explore those for yourself (i.e. Nightfreight, DHL etc) – but we do prefer to support our local Post Office; & unfortunately don’t have the time to do price comparisons of delivery methods – there already aren’t enough hours in a day, & we’re finding that owing to the relatively high cost of postage, people generally don’t buy fleeces ‘mail order’. Subsequently we have wasted a lot of time in the past, price-seeking for people who then haven’t come back to us to advise us they don’t want the fleeces after all!

    As a result we’ve lost out more than once – as I do hang onto them if people have expressed an interest; so I’ve subsequently also lost sales to other interested parties.

    Therefore I’m happy to reserve these for you, for 2 calendar weeks; but would sincerely appreciate a response – either way.

    Very best of luck with the move to Scotland – lucky you, out of the ‘smoke’ & into all that lovely fresh air – even if it might be a wee bit colder….!”

  6. Mindie says:

    Sorry I didn’t notice this page when I commented, must have been one of those days!
    I am interested in the pure white fleece No1 if you still have it available.
    Could you let me have an idea of the total price, I’m in Devon. I have a paypal account to send the money if that is any good or am happy to send you a cheque.
    Perhaps you could email me with the details.
    Many thanks.

  7. “Hi Mindie –

    yes the fleece is available; will have to get back to you next week ref delivery costs as very busy this week I’m afraid!”

  8. Helen says:

    Hiya, I’m looking for a fleece, but notice the site may not have been updated for a while……do you have any available?

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      “Hi Helen,

      We do have some available although I haven’t had a chance to grade them as yet – nor am I sure as to what state they’re in as I haven’t looked at them for a while.

      Probably best to call again after our next shearing – keep an eye on the Blog for news but I imagine it’ll be somewhere around mid-late June.”

  9. Chris Bishop says:

    I’m interested in buying some fleeces but am not sure what you have at the moment. I’m interested in pure white fine, and silver and fawn/musket. (I like any of the browns, creams etc )
    We’re in winchester, Hants. Many thanks

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      “Hi Chris,

      sorry, nothing for sale at the mo as I just haven’t had time to sort through & clean & grade the fleeces we’ve got available.

      To be honest I’ve pretty much given up selling the fleeces via anything other than local/direct sales, having become continually frustrated with spending a great deal of time & effort working out the cost of P&P for people who express interest in purchasing a particular fleece; for them then to not even acknowledge my reply (via comment & followed up by email).

      Unfortunately I typically work an 18 to 20-hour day at present; so have precious little time to dedicate to fleeces which to be honest are worth too little to expend so much time over.

      We sold many of the ewes at the beginning of the year; so just after shearing should have some white spinners’ fleece as well as one coloured fleece. I can weigh & measure the bundled fleece & if you’re willing to arrange shipping can take it from there for you.

      Should know more in around 6 weeks when hopefully shearing will be done & dusted for another year.”

      • Chris Bishop says:

        Many thanks for your reply. If I contact you in about five weeks time and maybe come down to the farm when you’ve done the shearing? Its just as easy for us to come to you and it gives us an excuse to have a weekend in Wales again. I love it there…and I notice that there is a local b & b!
        I appreciate you are really busy so its just as easy for us to come to you. I’ve always wanted my own smallholding but as I am preparing for a nomadic existence in my caravan it doesn’t look like its going to happen here! Perhaps in France in a few years time…?
        So if that suits you just let me know as would love some of the fleeces and are quite happy with however you wish to manage it.
        Many thanks

      • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

        “Hello again Chris –

        yep, that’d be fine – & at least you’d get to hand-pick exactly the fleeces you want (as well as meeting the menagerie!). Obviously I’ll need to look at the diary a little closer to the time (I’m sure you can appreciate that the summer – & especially weekends – are our busiest time!); however I’m sure we can sort something out.

        Grading, weighing, packing & despatching the fleeces all takes up quite a bit of time; & a ’round trip’ to the local town takes the best part of an hour not to mention fuel costs which I really don’t feel I can pass on to the customer as the fleeces themselves are worth so little & postage costs are so astronomical.

        But it’d be lovely to see you & perhaps we can even persuade you to sample some gelato & do a bit of bottle-feeding whilst you’re here….?!

        And it’s certainly a wonderful area to stay awhile, as the countryside is glorious; the mountains, stunning; the beaches, beautiful; & with so much in the way of mysterious ancient sites & settlements, romantic ruined castles & pretty little market towns there’s lots to see as well. Plus amazing local wildlife & – of course – fantastic local food….I only wish we’d moved here sooner. “

  10. Chris Bishop says:

    That sounds great! Just let me know when you have the time for us to visit and we would be more than happy to do some bottle-feeding. I used to do it when I was a child in Ireland when my father used to take them in when the local farmers had too much to handle.
    We’d actually moved back to Ireland for a year and tried to get to some lambs but fate propelled us back here to Winchester so I never got my lambs!!
    We can definitely be persuaded to sample some gelato…
    Again, just let me know when it would be convenient for you and we will pop down.
    Many thanks and good luck with all your work.

  11. Gaynor Hunt says:

    Interested in any Ryeland fleeces you might have please? Sorry would have to be posted as I’m in Devon.
    Many thanks,

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      “Hi Gaynor, sorry but we haven’t done the shearing this year, yet! Our area tends to be left awhile owing to the cooler/wetter weather – although we’ve been lucky lately, enjoying scorching sunshine.

      Must update the fleeces for sale as we are currently out of stock. All this year will be white.

      Just to let you know we haven’t sent fleeces in the post before as the cost of doing so is astronomical & tends to put people off.”

  12. Debbie says:

    Dear Little Ffarm Dairy,
    Do you still have fleece for sale? Am a new spinner of just a few weeks, so am in the experimental / practice stage, so looking for a variety of types and colours. Not sure where you are exacty but I am from the Ammanford area so think I could collect.
    Look forward to your reply. Debbie.

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      “Greetings, Debbie –

      Unfortunately, this year I’ve gifted all our fleeces, to our neighbour – but don’t despair…!

      In previous years we’ve held on to them; but found, ironically, that whilst we sell the fleeces for next-to-nothing, the cost of postage for such a heavy-&-bulky item, puts most people off.

      Such a shame: as these are the most luxuriant fleeces any handspinner could possibly wish for (wow: you should’ve seen MacDougal’s massive fleece, this year).

      Our sheep were sheared/shorn/oh: gramatically; whatever, yesterday; it was a long-&-arduous, truly taxing job considering we have such a small flock (my sympathies to Head Shearmaster Tim, for his undoubted resultant backache, today!).

      I reckon that weight-for-weight you’d definitely get “two for the price of one” with this year’s crop; not to mention the additional quality regarding length of staple, etc. All our wool this year (bar Althea’s fleece, of course!) has been the standard ‘sheepy’ colour; owing to the fact that we rehomed most of our “higgledy-piggledy” ewes, last season.

      In terms of wool we still have some older, multicoloured fleeces left over from the last couple of years. As I can’t guarantee the quality; if you’re prepared to pop over you’d be more than welcome to sift through, & take, whatever you wanted.

      All we ask is that this is strictly by prior appointment, as we are so rushed off or feet; & that you would send us a skein of the resultant spun wool; for which we’d be delighted, as we relish & encourage traditional+local crafts.

      Not to mention: we wish you all the best & a free-spinning wheel, in your endeavours…!

      Yours aye,

      Jo, Tony (& sheepies….!)

  13. Debbie says:

    Dear Jo, thanks for taking the time to reply.
    Sorry to read you’ve had such a sad time recently, love to you both.
    We have two goats we want to kid next spring so will read your posts avidly incase we can learn anything from what has sadly happened to Diddie, can’t imagine how horrid it all feels.

    In reply to your post.
    If it is possible I would love to take up your offer of coming to get some left over fleece to get me started, quality or quantity not important as I would be grateful for anything. I realise you are very busy at the moment so would try not to take up too much of your time. I could come on any Wednesday between 12-2pm over the next month or so. So just let me know a date, time and address and I’ll be there. I will try my best to turn it into a skein of something useful in return, I like a challenge!!
    Regards and Best Wishes Debbie

  14. Marina says:

    Hello, I am interested in your fleece for sale? How can I contact you?
    Regards and best wishes, Marina

  15. jane Durston says:

    Hello, do you have any fleeces left for sale? Best wishes Jane

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      “Hi Jane,

      Sorry – we don’t; & it’s unlikely that we will next year, as we are aiming to sell our sheep this Winter.

      Best wishes,


  16. sue sharpe says:

    Just come across your lovely website and wondered if you have any fleeces for sale at all? Thanks

  17. Liz Lane says:

    /hi, do you have any fleeces available this year, i know its probably a bit late but just checking.thanks

  18. Sue Moss says:

    I am looking for a fleece to spin and dye. Please could you let me know what you have available and how suitable it would be for dying, also the price.
    Thank you

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      “Sorry Sue, we have no more fleeces left for sale; also I do not know what properties are required of a fleece, to make it suitable for dyeing. Would be grateful if you could enlighten us!

      Best wishes,

      Jo & Tony.”

  19. Natasha says:


    I am interested in purchasing some of your fleeces listed above.
    How do I go about it?

    Kind Regards Natasha

  20. maggie oliver. says:

    Do you have any fleeces left ? I am a hand spinner Thankyou

  21. maggie oliver. says:

    I never typed “your comment………moderation”!!!!!!!! and its only 9:oopm now !!!!! But i did ask about fleeces .Maggie oliver

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      “Sorry Maggie, I don’t set the clock – WordPress does that. Just wondering what you meant above, reference the comment? Sorry, I must be getting old! Sorry to tell you that we don’t have any fleeces at the moment, they were sold via a local farmer through the Wool Board, this year. It’s a shame as the fleeces are perfect for handspinning. I do have some sheep for sale, though – if you fancy growing your own…!!

      Best wishes, Jo.”

  22. Matthew says:

    Hello! I’m looking to make a custom bed containing and embellished with wool and found my way here 🙂

    2.60 kg: silver+fawn/musket colour approx = £1.82
    2.60 kg: pure white fine No 1 = £1.82
    1.70 kg: dark chocolate/moorit-type colour approx = £1.19

    Are any of these still for sale?
    Email me back, thankyou!!

  23. Katinka Haycraft says:

    Hello, I am looking to buy a fleece to do felting. Some fleeces are not so good for felting while others are perfect. If you could tell me what kind of sheep your fleeces come from. If that is good for felting then I would love to buy a few. Thank you Katinka

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      “Hi Katinka,

      apologies but we don’t have any fleeces for sale at the moment – this year all ours’ went directly to the Wool Board. Out of 20 fleeces we reaped the princely sum of £32. Sheep certainly aren’t profitable when it comes to wool! Incidentally our sheep are all Greyface Dartmoor crosses: the wool has a lovely long staple and is ideal for handspinning (not sure what you look for in felting!). A neighbour who is a skilled felter did buy some of our sheep a couple of years ago and has kept them on – I gather she gets good results from their wool. We are intending to sell the sheep as soon as possible though, so it is unlikely we will have any wool for 2012; sorry about that.”

  24. Hi, just stumbled on your website which is lovely, and I’m off to make a cuppa and settle down to read it all in a minute. I’m looking to buy some fleeces but judging by the exchanges, I think you have none for sale just now? Do you have a way of contacting me when there are some available?

    Also, where are you based? (haven’t found that yet…still looking)

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      Hi Pam –

      Good news, I might have some fleeces for sale in a couple of month’s time, if you’re still interested. They are white with a good long staple especially suited to handspinning.

      Best wishes,


  25. Oh that’s a shame that you are selling your sheep, I was about to ask about the fleece. You would get a much higher price if you sold them on Ebay or joined Ravelry and seeked out the-UK-fleeeece-people board or the the UK Spinners board. Most of us pay on average £5-£6 per kilo for Shetland fleece plus the shipping cost. I just paid £20.49 (inc shipping) for a black shetland weighing just over 2kg and was happy to pay that – still cheaper than commerical pure wool!

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      Hi Julia –

      thanks for the info! I haven’t sold the sheep yet – so I’ve still got some fleeces available. Thanks muchly for the info!

      Cheers aye,


  26. Regula Graham says:

    Hi, just found your site. Have you got any fleeces in the colour from light brown to mid brown? If so how much would they be and how much is the P&P.
    Kind Regards

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      Apologies, Regula –

      I don’t have any. Should we have any in the future we’d need to know your address before calculating the P&P.

      Best wishes,


  27. Jo Sutherland says:

    Hi … I’m completely new to spinning which seems like patting your head and rubbing your tummy to me. But I am after two white Shetland fleeces for dying and spinning so that I can get going in earnest! Do you have any, please? If so how much would they be?

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      Hi Jo,

      I have some white Shetland/Greyfaced Dartmoor fleeces for sale; they have a lovely long staple and are ideal for handspinning.

      No idea on prices at present as I need to sort through them; in all likelihood the P&P would cost more thean the fleeces, as I only ever ask for basic costs to cover the price of shearing.

      Best wishes,


  28. Alison Wade-Evans says:

    Do you have any fleeces from this year’s shearing? (2012)

  29. Hi Jo

    Yes, I’m still interested, let me know what/how much etc as soon as they’re available. Thanks. Pam

  30. I’d like to buy the three unsold fleeces listed above; I’ve looked for a phone number to call and discuss but can’t see any direct contact details. Can you reply (to my personal email?) with a way we can chat? I also live in Wales, south, maybe we can come by and collect them 🙂

    Best. Pam

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