Prescelli Mountains

Had we been aware that the local area was so stunningly beautiful –

encompassing as it does, the majesty of the Prescelli Mountains & the panorama of the Cardiganshire coast – with such welcoming neighbours, rich history, & fascinating geography – I’m sure (if only Tony & I had met & married before!) we would have moved here, years ago.  It is a wonderful place & in many ways, (in terms of pace of life, especially) a step back in time to better days & values.

– to be continued –

5 Responses to locale

  1. joan taplin says:

    Kay sent us your website and we hope she and John and their goat family have arrived safely. It looks gorgeous, and we look forward to hearing more about .

    Happy and prosperous New Year to you all.

    With best wishes,
    Joan Taplin.

  2. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Hello there Joan –

    wishing you & yours, a very Happy New Year! Kay & John thankfully arrived safe & sound with their lovely goats – we’ve been delighted to offer said caprines a home while our friends embark on this exciting new chapter in their lives.

    The goats are safely bedded down in a deep bed of soft, fresh straw; they’ve all tucked into hay, water & meals & have settled in very well indeed, thankfully none the worse for their journey. They saw in the New Year nice & peacefully as did we, with our new charges here on the Ffarm.

    It was smashing to meet Kay & John at long last; & we do hope they are content to see their loved ones safe in their new goats’ hotel! Of course though, once the Dairy Complex is built the girls will be living in even more salubrious accommodation – better than us, in fact (the way we prefer it anyway!); whilst Brian will get to loaf around with Merson in their swanky stable & field.

    Perhaps one of these days, you’d like to visit with Kay to see Thistle, Tango, Pudding, Babe & Brian; & see them playing on the sunny pastures with us? You’d be most welcome!

    Meanwhile you can catch up with the ‘Pudding Club’ & of course – inevitably – the ‘Life of Brian’ (I can see these themes just run & run…!) on the Blog, where I’ll be following all their adventures – & there’s bound to be a few of those, if I know goats…!!

    with very best wishes for 2008,

    Jo, Tony & FfF menagerie.

  3. Kay Taplin says:

    Hello Jo and Tony
    Well this is my first blog (or rather blog response) ever! Trust my mother to beat me to it, I am shamed!
    John and I are so happy the goats have found their new home, these things sometimes are meant to be. It looks to me that they will be safe and sound and have a good introduction to life away from Kellacott. I am just sorry we had to leave your place so soon.
    We do miss them a lot of course, however I know you will be running the as you say inevitable Pudding Club and Life of Brian blogs when time permits. John and I wish you all the best. By the way, John is frequently heard to say “I wonder how Brian is?” although with no mention of the other lovely caprines.
    Take care, and good luck. I look forward to future events and adventures…

  4. Michelle says:

    My name is Michelle, married to Lior & mother to Maor. We are from Israel, yet have an European citizenship. I am a NARHA therapeutic horse riding and western riding instructor. Lior works in agriculture as well as a welder and handyman.

    We are animal lovers owning 2 dogs, 2 cats, one pony and even a crow(free)!

    We grow our child at home at kibbutz Ruhama surrounded by all these animals & lovely nature.

    We`re seeking to change atmosphere for a while and would like to work/volunteer at a horse or animal farm for a couple of months. Seeing your lovely web site, we were wondering whether you may be in need for a couple of spare hands and be interested in such an offer.

    Looking forward for your reply,
    Yours sincerely, Michelle.

  5. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Dear Michelle, Lior & Maor –

    welcome! Sounds like you have a wonderful home & working with horses at Ruhama…? Wow, what a rewarding career.

    We’d be very happy to help you change atmosphere over here, for a while….so please PM us on ffarmfach@tiscali.co.uk reference your plans, we’d love to chat.

    Croesu (best wishes!) –

    Jo, Tony & FfF madhouse menagerie.

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