the dairy

Jo cutting the curd

For the Ffarm, the exciting prospect of building our new Dairy Complex, is truly ‘the knees of the bee’.  

Originally, we had hoped to adapt the original dairy building – a beautiful, ancient, stone Long barn, which used to house the milking parlour for old Ieuan’s cattle, – for our own enterprise: however, modern EU regulations dictated against such a venture; so we’ve been forced to rethink our plans.   

12 Responses to the dairy

  1. Linda parke says:

    We feed our puppies goats milk and wondered if we could purchase some from yourseves, and where you are situated
    Many thanks
    Linda Parke

  2. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Hi Linda –

    at present we only have ten goats in milk; & they are currently being ‘dried off’ prior to kidding, subsequently only a very limited amount of milk is presently available & that only for the next couple of weeks.

    We do however anticipate some more milk possibly being available at the beginning of March once kidding commences & prior to licencing our new parlour; albeit again for a potentially limited period as naturally we’ll need every last drop ourselves, for our dairying activites.

    Please feel free to drop us a line with your contact details & we’ll be happy to discuss things further with you. We are located in South West Wales.

    Ridgebacks are such stunning dogs – & especially yours! Congratulations with Hassle’s achievement as British Breed Record Holder for 2007, what a magnificent canine. And very well done too, for all your other fantastic achievements, you deserve every success! Glad to know your puppies thrive on goats’ milk, it’s great stuff & we’ve never felt better since drinking it ourselves.

    Cheers aye,


  3. Poppy says:

    Have just been sent this site that might be of interest to you

  4. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Hiya Poppy –

    thanks for the link!

    Unfortunately it only applies to projects in England – which seems a bit unfair, as it is National Lottery funding; & I know people in Wales buy lottery tickets too…!

    Yah boo hiss but many thanks for trying to help – Tony’s gritted his teeth to lobby our MP as a result.

  5. alifelesssimple says:

    That’s a bit rubbish, if you do find out why they don’t cover Wales then I’d be interested in knowing too, hopefully it’s just because there is someone else covering you.

  6. liza lewis says:

    hi im expecting a litter of pups and in desperate need of goats milk we live in milford haven dyfed if you cant supply us do you know of any farm that could thanks lisa

  7. Hi Lisa –

    yes, we can supply you (albeit for a limited period as the milk is now being used for ice cream production) – it’s 70p per pint, either fresh or frozen & is sold in bags. Please note it is raw (unpasteurised) milk & is therefore ONLY for your puppies’ consumption.

    Unfortunately we do not as yet deliver to Milford Haven – you’d have to collect the milk yourself.

    We’re bringing up our new puppy on the milk (see the ‘Blog’ for details/photos) – he’s the picture of health & is thriving on it – as are we!

    Please email if you’d like any further information or to arrange collection of some milk.

    Best wishes –


  8. Do you have photos up of the old long barn? We could at least visualize you in it, even if it is not really reality!

  9. Pam O'Neill says:

    Hi Jo,
    How are things going? Are you in the midst of kidding yet? I’d love to pop over to see you again and the girls.
    Our plans for emigrating to Canada are going well, we just need to sell the farm and we could be gone by July but don’t think there’s much chance of that.

  10. Happy to see the details. Will recommend to some users.

  11. Jaap says:

    Hi Jo

    Jaap here. You are well busy. Just a question, I thank you for the link, but could you change it to

    I will put a link to you. I am redoing my website.

    All the best.


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