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Difficult Day: A Study in (mostly) Black & White

It was the unearthly halflight which caused me to stir from an uneasy slumber. Anxious after my restless night, I was exhausted through lack of sleep, coupled with the concern that coping alone with these inclement conditions might prove a challenge … Continue reading

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The Adventure of Discovery

So, it’s been a snowy start for much of the UK.  Whilst we woke to clear skies & green grass, the Epicentre of the Universe – i.e. London – was blanketed in the ‘white stuff’ & had predictably ground to a … Continue reading

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Happy Hour…..?

Oooh dearie me, it would seem like that fine 80’s anthem – ‘Happy Hour’ by the Housemartins – is about to be confined to the annals of history by our increasingly dour (if that’s possible) Prime Minister: the stricter-than-strict Scottish preacher’s … Continue reading

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Of Princes & Parasols

For all you mycologists out there….. ….I have a question: what’s this, please?? I believe it’s either a Parasol/Shaggy Parasol or a Prince; but I’m not certain.  I’d love to cook it & see – however, I’d (obviously!) prefer to be … Continue reading

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Dairy Eventfulness

Buzzing socialites that we are, today was a chance for another off-the-Ffarm adventure: this time, our first visit to the annual Dairy Event which is held at the Royal Showground, Stoneleigh in Warwickshire. The day began extremely early with pre-dawn … Continue reading

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And after a busy weekend, here we are…! We’d just like to extend our thanks to journalist Louise France for her kind words about us in today’s ‘Observer Magazine’ feature; & to Pal Hansen for his fantastic photography (the full-page picture … Continue reading

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Life in a Vacuum: Dark Matter

The end of the world is nigh. No, really; it’s official – at least, that’s what some of the science sceptics tell us.  Next week, what is arguably the largest & most complex scientific experiment ever conducted will be activated … Continue reading

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Beating the Bank Holiday Blues

It’s a double-edged sword, so they say; thus it’s just as well, that we’re Knights. Here we are, over a month after launching our business yet STILL unable to trade as the Dairy Complex sits in a state of limbo; & it’s the … Continue reading

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Food, Glorious Food….?

As has been mentioned increasingly in the news of late, there’s a growing concern about the real possibility of a world food shortage.  Apart from noticing that the monthly grocery bill has starkly increased, the cost of feed for the animals … Continue reading

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Mucked Around

Today – as it was another calm, pleasant, dry day,  I took the opportunity to catch up on some chores outside: for example, yesterday I really should have mucked out the recently-vacated lambing shed in preparation for the next potential … Continue reading

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