for sale

Ffarm Fach’s flock of Shetland+Ryeland/Greyface Dartmoor sheep have the following 2007 lambs for sale:

41 – ewe lamb:  BeeOrchid’.  Our first lamb, born unexpectedly in the field on a wet & windy 27th February – captured on film for an episode of the BBC’s ‘Escape to the Country’ television series!  Cost – £25.   Sold to a lovely home!

43 – castrated ram lamb‘Basil’Born 23 March.  Nice big, robust chap.  Cost – £25.

44 – entire ram lamb‘Bogbean’.  Born 04 April.  Cost – £30.

45 – castrated ram lamb‘Bayleaf’.  Born 04 April.  Cost – £25.

47 – ewe lamb‘Bryony’Born 23 March.  Cost – £30Sold to a lovely home!

48 – castrated ram lamb: ‘Bilberry’.  Born 06 April.  Cost – £25.

49 – castrated ram lamb‘Blackthorn’.  Born 08 April to our favourite ewe, the pure white, friendly ‘Angelica’.  Cost – £25.

50 – ewe lamb‘Blackberry’.  Born 20 March.  Cost – £30.  Sold to a lovely home!

51 – ewe lambBirchbark’.  Born 04 April (sister to Butterbur).  Cost – small twin, hence £20.  Sold to a lovely home!

52 – ewe lamb‘Bluebell’.  Born 21 March.  Cost – £30Sold to a lovely home!

53 – ewe lamb‘Butterbur’.  Born 04 April (sister to Birchbark).  Cost – small twin, hence £20Sold to a lovely home!

 We’ve had a nice crop of lambs this year; & their Greyface Dartmoor sire, MacDougal, has put his strong stamp on each & every one, as they all look like little clones of him & have the same gorgeous, lustrous white wool staple beloved of handspinners & fetching top price with the BWMB.

All have had their ‘Lambivac’ inoculations & have been fully wormed etc.  They are a pretty friendly bunch & will happily follow a bucket of ‘sweeties’ with a bit of persuasion!


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