tony in a nutshell

Name:  Tony Knight.

Born:  About the same time as Jo (so not saying either!!) near Blackwood.

Education:  ‘O’ Levels; OND+HND; BEng.

Languages:  My native tongue – Welsh!  Well, Jo’s persuaded me to learn & I’ll never understand our neighbour Lloyd’s jokes unless I do.

Career:  Rogerstone (student pie maker/eater!!); RAF Officer (C130K/J Hercules Captain); First Officer with BMed; First Officer with bmi

Circumstances:  Married to Jo (pretty obvious, I think?!).  Again, second go after an initial ‘training’ marriage.

Religion:  The Ffarm.

Passions:   Err….the Ffarm!  And DIY.  And mowing the lawn (HATE it with a passion).

Sports:  Competition Carriage Driving, tennis

Music:  Enya, Roxette

Book:  A closed one!!

TV/Film:  The Terminator (all good, but the first one was best).

Art:  The way I look at it, if you can walk round it, it’s a sculpture; if it hangs on a wall, it’s a painting.  If you paint someone in oil, does it mean they have a face like a sardine?

Poem:  “To my Dear and Loving Husband” by Anne Bradstreet (circa 1630).

Places:  Anywhere Jo’s not!!

Achievements:  Playing live in the Royal Albert Hall (amonst other venues!)

Influences:   Alcohol!

Most Amazing Experience:  Sorry, public domain only…..unless you count the Maize Maze I went in near Lyneham….pretty ‘a-maze-ing’ (ho ho)

Favourite Maxim:  “Mine’s a pint & my friend’s paying” (in a multitude of languages…!)



4 Responses to tony in a nutshell

  1. Norman Knight says:

    Actually born in Gwent!

  2. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Well you should know, Dad!

    Sorry we had to edit your comment slightly but for privacy reasons we’ve opted not to give out detailed personal information.

    I’ll get Tony to fully update the page once he’s finished the tax return, revised for his next simulator check (imminent!), tagged the lambs & cleaned out the empty kidding pens. No rest for the wicked, you see….!

    Sorry we lost your comment on the ‘Us’ page; the whole thing crashed & it dropped all comments as well as my entire 6,000-word content (dammit, took me ages to write!). I’ll restore what I can, ASAP.

    I’ll drop you an email as soon as I get a moment to take a breath myself; & catch you up on all the news. Hope you’re well & that life isn’t too stressful down there in the sunny south! Give our love to Mum, Val & the Gamble family, I’ll be in touch with Julie too, as soon as I can.

    Jo xx

  3. Norman Knight says:

    Julie is 7 months pregnant, has had a difficult time (miscarrages) has been confined to bed and has had to be extremely careful.At the same time she is doing her Masters degree in midwifery. This has been a worrying time for all of us. The baby is due in mid January.

    Dad XX

  4. LittleFfarm Dairy says:


    she must learn to sloooow down (pot calling kettle, or so I’m told!). Especially as she has another lovely ‘little one’ already (I bet poor Stuart’s run ragged!). She mentioned to Tony that they’re staying out in Brunei for a while longer; but that when they come back, they might be living in Brawdy – she’ll be just round the corner!

    But she really MUST start looking after herself. Degrees can wait – there’s far more to life if you have children! We’ve learned that, now we’ve got seven kids….albeit that they each have four legs & a tail!

    We’ll keep our fingers crossed for January & the wonderful new arrival.

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