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Cordial Greetings from Rouval Andreu


 The Cariadfach Herd of Pedigree British Toggenburg Goats is proud to boast three excellent, vigorous Stud Males at the helm; ensuring a natural genetic diversity stemming from the finest bloodlines historically available: Sires from the highly-respected, Champion herds of Hetherton, Monach and Rouval British Toggenburg Goats.

Our Senior Stud Male is the handsome Hetherton Merson, from respected judge & breeder David Brace’s wonderful herd of champion pedigree British Toggenburg goats.  Specially selected to complement our Foundation Herd of ladies from Monach Farm,  Merson arrived on 7th September 2006 as a wide-eyed innocent of only 7 months old.  However he soon settled down to the job in hand (or is that hoof?!); & was introduced to a small group of goatlings almost immediately.  Since his introduction to his foundation “harem” he has expanded his “oat-sowing” and produced us some stunning kids – both male and female; with robust young boys and exceptionally pretty girls who have since gone on to become wonderful Mums & great milkers, themselves.

Magnificent Merson


Our other two “working” Stud Males, introduced in November 2010 to enrich and diversify our expanding herd’s bloodlines, are Rouval Andreu and Monach Falstaff; hence for the 2010/11 season we have given Merson a “sabbatical” after wrenching a fetlock just prior to the breeding season (thankfully it completely healed but we didn’t want to take any chances with our Lovely Lad!).

“Second-in-Command” Andreu has taken charge of the Senior Milkforce, this season; whilst “Junior Officer” Falstaff has been in charge (or rather biffed around by) the younger Ladies – but soon wooed them with his “fine wines and Belgian chocolates” technique!  We look forward for the undoubtedly excellent results…

2 Responses to stud males

  1. Jackie says:

    Hi there, we’ve almost been in touch a few times!
    Do you still have a stud goat? You’re a long way from us, but we’re struggling to find a BT stud goat, and we are running (well have all but run) out of time.


  2. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    “Hi Jackie,

    We actually have five! Although we have only a couple of this year’s boys, left for sale. Two of our current quintet are “new boys” who are in work (Rouval Andreu & Monach Falstaff) plus we have our Senior Stud , Hetherton Merson who is currently enjoying a “sabbatical” after wrenching a fetlock earlier this year (thankfully it’s completely healed but we don’t want to take any chances, obviously).

    The other two chaps are boys we’ve bred ourselves: Cariadfach Dylan & Cariadfach Daned. Dylan is by Monach Carneigie & out of Cariadfach Rhian (Grandsire Hetherton Merson & Granddam, Chanom Morganna); whilst ‘Dan’ is by Hetherton Merson & out of Monach Anchusa.

    We are keeping Merson & having only just purchased Andreu & Falstaff are using them to enrich & diversify our bloodlines, as our herd expands; however Dylan & Daned are tentatively For Sale.

    In terms of temperament, Merson is by far the gentlest, kindest Stud Male I have ever met: he is truly, an absolute out-&-out sweetheart. Easy-peasy to handle he also has a high pain threshold & always responds well to any treatment; never showing an ounce of malice but only ever gratitide, to his handlers. Even in the height of the breeding season & with no females to cover despite the fact there’s “stuff” going on around him, apart from the odd squirt of “cologne” he never displays the slightest sign of aggression or frustration. He’s sired some truly exceptional kids, hence the reason we will not part with him. He is well put-together & has already shown his worth through some super, milky daughters. By SM(dagger male) Theban Cavalier out of Hetherton Merlina; bred by renowned judge David Brace (check ‘Grassroots’ for full pedigree details).

    Monach Carneigie proved a worthy BT sire; from parents Monach Theodosius $ 218/167 BT026759D and Monach Succissa BT023937D.
    Tragically we lost him in November 2010 to an anthelminitic resistance which caused many problems in our area last year.

    Morganna’s daughter Rhian is one of the “supermodels” of the goat world: gorgeous, & she knows it! We kept her son ‘entire’ as he was born a big, vigorous boy; he has already covered some of our junior goatlings but as this year’s male, obviously, we don’t know as yet the quality of his progeny; although he comes from super bloodlines (hence the main reason we kept him on). Granddam is by Monach Turpin out of Olivet Deborah (*) – check Grassroots for full pedigree details.

    Anchusa (Koo) is one of those incredible “Earth Mother” goats with exceptionally endearing qualities. Such a sweet personality, she is also a productive milker & one of the most tractable, easy-going goats imaginable. She’s by Monach Theodosius out of Monach Tamarixtwo (check Grassroots for full pedigree details).

    However whilst we have boys available, I strongly suggest you get in touch with Roland or Dreda Randall of Monach Farm, to see if they have any other males available – if you’re really lucky there may also be one or two at the family farm in Essex – IF you can get one from them, you certainly won’t be disappointed!”

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