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3 Responses to milk

  1. Peter Randle says:

    Although there are local sheep farmers here in this part of Dorset, they all seem to either convert their milk straight to powered milk or sent to a supermarket chain that does not stock sheep’s milk locally.

    I make my own yoghurt and as I recover from spinal injuries and related illnesses I would like to start making my yoghurt with Ewe’s milk instead of cow’s milk.

    Do you sell fresh sheep’s milk? If not do you know where sheep’s milk can be bought?

    Kind regards,

    Peter Randle

  2. Mrs F Ozgur says:

    I would like information on how and if its at all possible to purchase unsteriliseted sheeps and goat milk

    And if all possible how you sell it and the cost of it as it will be purchased weeky and large amounts

    thanks please could you email me back some information.

  3. Peter Randle says:

    In response to my own question and that of Mrs Ozgur: A Gordon Ramsay TV programme over the christmas holiday period has Gordon visiting an Essex Sheep farm where he collected sheeps milk and I think some unsterilised sheeps milk so he could make greek cheese.

    Perhaps Gordon Ramsay or the tv production team would assist us both in an accurate response. The 2 sheep farms in Dorset I have tried, do not allow fresh sheeps milk just powdered sheeps milk to be collected by customers.

    Peter Randle

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