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Back in the ‘Blog’ Again

Phew!  Sorry, folks – I’ve been away for ages; but with good reason….& all will be revealedif you unfurl a few previously unpublished pages as I will pop up some archived posts that I simply haven’t had a chance to … Continue reading

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Calan Awst

Today is the ancient celebration of Calan Awst, as it is known in Wales; or Lughnassadh (Lammas) as it is more traditionally known throughout the Celtic World.  It marked the beginning of the harvest season & the ripening of the … Continue reading

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“Thus shall ye think of all this fleeting world: A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream…. a flash of lightning in a summer cloud; a flickering lamp, a phantom, & a dream.”* Today is the May full moon … Continue reading

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Food, Glorious Food….?

As has been mentioned increasingly in the news of late, there’s a growing concern about the real possibility of a world food shortage.  Apart from noticing that the monthly grocery bill has starkly increased, the cost of feed for the animals … Continue reading

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When the Bough Breaks

Ooh blimey, I staggered home after that wonderful birthday meal in the early hours of the morning, refreshed by the bitter wind & brightness of the starry sky & tumbled into bed in a confusion of cats & duvet, disappointed … Continue reading

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‘Christian’ Karma

Well, well – what goes around comes around, as they say.  Radio Four ran a story this morning about a Yoga teacher who wanted to run classes for pre-school children in the local Church Hall – & was refused because … Continue reading

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