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Happy Hour…..?

Oooh dearie me, it would seem like that fine 80’s anthem – ‘Happy Hour’ by the Housemartins – is about to be confined to the annals of history by our increasingly dour (if that’s possible) Prime Minister: the stricter-than-strict Scottish preacher’s … Continue reading

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In spite of being an overcast day peppered with showers, the work doesn’t stop & after a busy day I really do feel exhausted.  With Tony in Tel Aviv on an unexpected trip I was left holding the fort, although … Continue reading

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Calm before the (Snow)Storm

The tranquility of a new dawn was rudely punctuated by an unfamiliar sound. Unwillingly surfacing from the semi-conscious enjoyment of my welcome breakfast of pleasure-domed, softly-boiled eggs, the vivifying crunch of crisp wholemeal toast & the strong, sensitising taste of a chilly morning’s finest-brewed Ceylon tea … Continue reading

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Eggciting Stuff

Whilst we didn’t have any more kids born today, (which was just as well, because Tony was away doing a day’s Heathrow-Manchester-Heathrow shorthaul); other, Spring-type things have been happening on the Ffarm.  This morning Roberta-Goose toddled off her makeshift nest in … Continue reading

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Cauliflower? ‘Ere!

In praise of the humble cauliflower….. Did you know, that apparently this great British veggie staple could be about to disappear from our shelves?  Soon, the only creamy curds to grace the supermarket shelves could be those of foreign cauliflowers, … Continue reading

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Breakfast Epiphany

Doubtless in honour of Tony’s birthday – bearing in mind he loves his food – today marks the beginning of Farmhouse Breakfast Week.  I invariably go to work each day at the very least, ‘on an egg’ – although believe it or not, … Continue reading

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The Road to Hell

I know that Chris Rea’s original song lyrics referred to being stuck in traffic on the M25; but believe me, he hasn’t seen the truly appalling state of our driveway after the recent heavy rains.  The local area is steeped in the … Continue reading

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Chicken Out!

Tonight sees the first of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s new series: called ‘Chicken Run’ & shown on Channel 4 over the next three evenings at 9pm, it’s a hard-hitting documentary designed to make us all think about where cheap supermarket chicken comes … Continue reading

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Time to Say Goodbye

Alas; time for Mum & Dad to leave, after a lovely visit.  As Christmas Day proved a little hollow this year after Tony’s lovely laughter was left echoing across the Ffarm following his departure to Aleppo, we hadn’t really found … Continue reading

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Health, Wealth, or Happiness….?

Monday morning; & it’s back to ‘skool’ for Jo. This is for two reasons: Enviromental Blog Day (time I learned something useful – so look further down this post for some important stuff on the humble spud…!); & the pleasure of attending Welsh … Continue reading

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