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Festive Season

Well, it might not seem so, for most readers; as I suspect many equate the ‘Festive Season’ with the deep midwinter celebrations of Christmas & New Year, those brave attempts to lift us out of the dreary doldrums of dark days & stormy, … Continue reading

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More Fool Us….?

“Welcome Home, Master…!” Hooray!  Tony’s back home – at long last. He’s been away on a long training course, hence the reason I’ve spent the last eleven weeks coping ‘solo’ here on the Ffarm.  Looking at what I’ve been through; what … Continue reading

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Special Delivery

The day dawned fine, sunny & hot – what a treat. I loaded the travelling freezer with today’s delivery after completing the morning chores & set off to trundle the region’s roads, silently regretting the chenille sweater I had donned … Continue reading

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Cold Comfort….?

Another weekend, another event: this time, a trip to Dinefwr Park & Castle (plus as pictured on the left their magnificent herd of rare White Cattle, which said runinants benignly kept me entertained throughout) for their Winter Fair.  It was a crisp, … Continue reading

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Some Mothers Don’t ‘Ave ‘Em…!

Mothering Sunday, & not a kid in sight.  According to my voyeuristic observations of Merson’s activities with his harem, & my calculations based thereon, the first of our ladies – Anchusa & Anenometwo (AKA Koo & Ninny!) were due to give … Continue reading

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Lamb or Lion for Lunch….?

Five fabulous years….. that’s how long Tony & I have been married; for today – St David’s Day – is also our Wedding Anniversary.  Had you said to either of us six short years ago however, that we’d have found … Continue reading

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Factory Farmers

A clear, cold morning was revealed as the sun rose brightly above haze-obscured Bologna. Over a leisurely breakfast of fruit, yogurt & cheeses we debated whether to attend the tour of Carpigiani’s factory or drive to our favourite vineyard, Castello di Brolio, a … Continue reading

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Primrose; Hill….

The first of the wild primroses has come out in flower; always a cheery sight when we’re gripped in the gloom of winter.  A tiny orange-trumpeted jonquil is peeping tentatively from one of the sturdy pots on the cottage’s doorstep, & the bisque brightness … Continue reading

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In ‘Arms’ Way

Tony arrived home unexpectedly this evening, feeling quite off colour so he’d excused himself from being on standby the following day.  It certainly was an ‘under the weather’ sort of day, however; between an occasional lull, the wind & rain tore … Continue reading

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Keeping the Home Fires Burning

 Another busy, ‘out-&-about’ sort of a day.  As ever I was up early to go through emails, blog & paperwork before taking the dog for a quick, energetic walk in the chilly air; then it was time to haul Tony’s backside out … Continue reading

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