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The Food of Love…..

To all the hopeless Romantics out there – here’s wishing you a very happy St Valentine’s Day; & if you haven’t already found the Love of your Life, may today grant you your heart’s desire.  And if you’re looking to … Continue reading

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Pie in the Sky

Ah well, it couldn’t last forever: After several genial days of feasting, merrymaking accompanied by a goodly helping of Peace on earth & Goodwill to all mankind, tempers finally frayed somewhat this afternoon.  And why?  All because of a pie…. … Continue reading

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Boxed In? Time Out….

Boxing Day is traditionally a welcome, extended ‘holiday’….. but not for the majority of families’ chief cook-&-bottle-washer (AKA wife), with yet another day of marathon meal preparation ahead….so, my solution?  Well; time to get out & about – & blow away some of … Continue reading

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‘Fowl’ Weather = Chicken Soup

Well now, here’s a thing: Words I Never Thought I’d Hear Tony Utter!  And they were….? Well, the script reads thus:  star of the show Tony, forty-something (ahem!) male, gives a masculine-yet-feverish grunt; grudgingly stirring himself awake to accept the lovingly-proffered steaming mug … Continue reading

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Loafing Around

It’s been quite pleasant, today; although the stiff breeze hurried the clouds along & punctuated the intermittent blue skies with sudden showers of stinging rain & hail, culminating in a spectacular thunderstorm overnight as the wind raged on around us. … Continue reading

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Cauliflower? ‘Ere!

In praise of the humble cauliflower….. Did you know, that apparently this great British veggie staple could be about to disappear from our shelves?  Soon, the only creamy curds to grace the supermarket shelves could be those of foreign cauliflowers, … Continue reading

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Vegging Out

 We had a typically early start, this morning; & I set to making a hearty breakfast of our own bacon, sausage & eggs whilst Tony started on the chores.  However, I’d scarce started tackling the washing up from last night’s supper, … Continue reading

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Solitary Confinement

What a strange day.  Tony was scheduled for standby at 6am, & so was up with his typical CRASH-BANG-WALLOP at around 0130.  I too got up, my sleep completely disturbed so I did a little work on the computer whilst … Continue reading

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Chip off the Old (Cheese) Block

 Remembrance Sunday: a day when, with so many others, we pause to reflect with gratitude the Few to whom so many, owe so much (albeit that a single life lost in combat, is one life too many).  And for Tony & I, … Continue reading

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I overslept this morning, having eventually dragged myself to bed at around 0130am, as I’d been carrying out a deep-clean & sanitisation of all my cheesemaking & ice-cream equipment.  I did this, in preparation not only for more fresh batches & because … Continue reading

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