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Such Sweet Sorrow….

When Shakespeare penned this evocative farewell, whispered words of love from Juliet to Romeo that “parting is such sweet sorrow” I’m sure he never imagined that, centuries later, his words would still echo with sentiment & longing in the modern ear. … Continue reading

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Difficult Day: A Study in (mostly) Black & White

It was the unearthly halflight which caused me to stir from an uneasy slumber. Anxious after my restless night, I was exhausted through lack of sleep, coupled with the concern that coping alone with these inclement conditions might prove a challenge … Continue reading

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A sharp, frosty dawn broke with bright anticipation across my fretfully sleepless night. After the ponies’ escape yesterday, I’d been through a literal rollercoaster of emotions: impatience (when they didn’t greet me in the field with their customary enthusiasm); mild … Continue reading

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The Great Escape

What an emotional rollercoaster of a day. It began with a form of – if there is such a thing – frenetic tranquillity: the still clearness of a gentle new day punctuated with the typically bustling round of chores as … Continue reading

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Happy Hour…..?

Oooh dearie me, it would seem like that fine 80’s anthem – ‘Happy Hour’ by the Housemartins – is about to be confined to the annals of history by our increasingly dour (if that’s possible) Prime Minister: the stricter-than-strict Scottish preacher’s … Continue reading

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And after a busy weekend, here we are…! We’d just like to extend our thanks to journalist Louise France for her kind words about us in today’s ‘Observer Magazine’ feature; & to Pal Hansen for his fantastic photography (the full-page picture … Continue reading

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It’s been a long old day, & I’m looking forward to putting my feet up at last. It started very early with a crack-of-dawn springclean: I did the house, Tony did the goats & after a few hours I’d made … Continue reading

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Love is a Battlefield

“Owwww!!” The heavy iron gate slipped from my husband’s careless grasp & scraped harshly down the inside of my forearm, where I’d been struggling to maintain my hold on the metal monstrosity as Tony hauled it over the muckheap barrier during our repairs of … Continue reading

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Packing It All In….!

Darkness suffocated the bedroom as the call to wake rudely shrilled in my ear. Fumbling for the alarm clock, I reluctantly illuminated the bedside light & hauled myself into the reality of a new day, uncomfortably aware that for the first time in over a year, both … Continue reading

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Water, water, everywhere….

….Not that it was raining, or anything (for a change); well, not first thing this morning, anyway.  Yesterday’s heavy, clinging tendrils of mist had silently disappeared by morning; replaced with overcast gloom.  We hurried around the yard, anxious to get … Continue reading

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