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Musical Goats

This has been another typically rushed-off-our feet week: with a big trade show at Newtown in mid Wales, & a humungous delivery to one of our favourite customers – Llanwrtyd Wells’  effervescent Info Centre, appropriately dubbed ‘In the Pink’ owing … Continue reading

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Gentleman Jim

  Entertaining is – undeniably – always a pleasure; regardless of the degree of behind-the-scenes scurrying owing to my own frantically-disorganised part.  And when it turns out to be during the wonderful bonus of an unexpectedly balmy Spring day, even better.   “Hi Jim, it’s … Continue reading

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The Curious Incident of the Cat in the Daytime

  I tip my hat to Mark Haddon’s wonderful novel of similar title;   albeit that particular tome refers to a noctural canine & covers somewhat different subject matter to that which I am about to describe.  Mind you, we do … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams….?

Ahhh, sleep, blissful sleep….it’s definitely hibernation weather.  We’re still snowed in (well, rather more iced in at the moment); & on top of everything else have suffered today from a lack of communications, as the ‘phone lines along the lane are being … Continue reading

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Time Out

Today saw one of those very rare occasions for me: a night, spent away from the Ffarm.  We were doing a ‘whistle stop’ tour; first calling in to see a friend in Cardiff & then travelling all the way to … Continue reading

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Birthday Blues

Yah boo hiss. Today, it’s my birthday; & for the fourth year in succession, Tony won’t be here to celebrate with me as he has been scheduled to work “down route”, so the airline terminology deems.  But never mind – because we’re going … Continue reading

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Things that go ‘Bump’ in the Night….

‘Twas All Hallows Eve, when the veils between the worlds of the Living & the Dead grow thin.  All was quiet in the inky blackness of the night, the little Ffarm tucked down in the valley huddled against the bitter chill … Continue reading

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Fifty Years for the Sole Inhabitant

You may or may not be aware…. But today is maestro Thomas Dolby’s magnificent Fiftieth Birthday. For those of you who aren’t aware, he’s one of the most pioneering popular music artists of this & the last century, penning unusual … Continue reading

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Good Afternoon…!

This afternoon it was the Dyfed Smallholders’ Association annual Harvest Lunch. It’s a much-anticipated event & as this is the first year we’ve been Association members, the first one we’ve attended.  For our contribution we took with us two napolis … Continue reading

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And after a busy weekend, here we are…! We’d just like to extend our thanks to journalist Louise France for her kind words about us in today’s ‘Observer Magazine’ feature; & to Pal Hansen for his fantastic photography (the full-page picture … Continue reading

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