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Things that go ‘Bump’ in the Night….

‘Twas All Hallows Eve, when the veils between the worlds of the Living & the Dead grow thin.  All was quiet in the inky blackness of the night, the little Ffarm tucked down in the valley huddled against the bitter chill … Continue reading

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Torture Chamber

The door to the Dairy swung ominously open. “You shouldn’t be allowed to work in here”, a voice growled. Tony & I looked up in surprise, huddled like a couple of witches around our ‘cauldron’ – the old batch pasteuriser.  I was … Continue reading

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Mrs Mussolini’s Demise

That’s not the person; but the hen.  A few years ago we supplemented our modest flock of aged but excellent Black Rocks with a smattering of other breeds: hybrid Blue Belles; Leghorns, & Light Sussex birds.  I must say that … Continue reading

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Around our Ffarm: the Long Barn

Especially at the request of Kristeva from Howling Duck Ranch – & rather apologetically because I don’t have anything particularly exciting to write about, today – here are some pictures of the Long Barn, where we’d originally intended to set up our … Continue reading

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Four Seasons

….In One Day: Unbelievable.  The morning started promisingly enough: whilst somewhat colder than it has been of late it was at least sunny, the valley suffused with golden light which highlighted the exquisite autumnal hues of the woodland.  After a … Continue reading

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Onwards & Upwards….

So, it would appear that Tony will soon be ‘sky high’ once more…. After months of setbacks, negotiation, frustration & waiting, it seems he’s one step closer to having all his documentation sorted out for working as a commercial contract pilot … Continue reading

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Penblywdd Hapus

For those unfamiliar with the Welsh language, that means “Happy Birthday”.   And today is one of those days – the Birthday of a Very Special Person – the world’s most wonderful Mum (mine).  So I hope you’ll join me in wishing her … Continue reading

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You’ll Find a Welcome in the Hillsides…..

You’ll find a welcome here, in Wales…….to BRYNN!! …..So a very big “Thank You”, to all of you who’ve voted – the name ‘Brynn’ proved far & away, the absolute favourite.  And admittedly, we wholeheartedly agree; & had sincerely hoped that endearing name, … Continue reading

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Fifty Years for the Sole Inhabitant

You may or may not be aware…. But today is maestro Thomas Dolby’s magnificent Fiftieth Birthday. For those of you who aren’t aware, he’s one of the most pioneering popular music artists of this & the last century, penning unusual … Continue reading

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Pastures New

Please extend a warm welcome to the latest member of the LittleFfarm Dairy workforce….. ….he’s a seven-and-a-half week old Border Collie pup, who found his way into our hearts & home, today.  With a litter of eight grgous puppies to … Continue reading

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