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Homeward Bound

The watery winter sun rose to reveal an inhospitable morning. The air was still thick with frost; every branch & bough burdened with the weight of many thousands of hoary white ice crystals.  After a luxurious lie-in we joined the … Continue reading

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Time Out

Today saw one of those very rare occasions for me: a night, spent away from the Ffarm.  We were doing a ‘whistle stop’ tour; first calling in to see a friend in Cardiff & then travelling all the way to … Continue reading

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Pie in the Sky

Ah well, it couldn’t last forever: After several genial days of feasting, merrymaking accompanied by a goodly helping of Peace on earth & Goodwill to all mankind, tempers finally frayed somewhat this afternoon.  And why?  All because of a pie…. … Continue reading

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Boxed In? Time Out….

Boxing Day is traditionally a welcome, extended ‘holiday’….. but not for the majority of families’ chief cook-&-bottle-washer (AKA wife), with yet another day of marathon meal preparation ahead….so, my solution?  Well; time to get out & about – & blow away some of … Continue reading

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Birthday Blues

Yah boo hiss. Today, it’s my birthday; & for the fourth year in succession, Tony won’t be here to celebrate with me as he has been scheduled to work “down route”, so the airline terminology deems.  But never mind – because we’re going … Continue reading

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Bird ‘Flu

Brrr. Having spent the night shivering miserably beneath the duvet, I felt pretty rotten on crawling out of bed & into the cold morning air.  The previous evening’s chill had proved harder than expected; & the roseate blush of dawn’s early … Continue reading

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It Never Rains….

but it certainly pours here, from time to time.   And today was no exception…. This particular day started for me at around midnight; when shortly after managing to drift off to sleep after determinedly ignoring the relentless heavy patter of the day’s deluge … Continue reading

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The Long & Winding Road….

which today thankfully, led back to the Ffarm for our errant equines.  I trundled up from the farm in our big silver truck, to which Keith promptly attached his horse trailer.  We set off for the farm where the ponies … Continue reading

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Izzy Whizzy….

Icy!  So – busy. What a bizarre day!  It started ordinarily enough: darkness; a slice of toast smeared with a goodly coating of Marmite, munched thoughtfully whilst washed down with a mug of steaming tea & faced with the usual pile … Continue reading

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