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An ‘In-Betweeny’ Tribute

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Difficult Day: A Study in (mostly) Black & White

It was the unearthly halflight which caused me to stir from an uneasy slumber. Anxious after my restless night, I was exhausted through lack of sleep, coupled with the concern that coping alone with these inclement conditions might prove a challenge … Continue reading

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Izzy Whizzy….

Icy!  So – busy. What a bizarre day!  It started ordinarily enough: darkness; a slice of toast smeared with a goodly coating of Marmite, munched thoughtfully whilst washed down with a mug of steaming tea & faced with the usual pile … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished

It’s been an eventful day. We were up & about at 3am, as Tony had to catch an early train to London for the first day of his contract aviation course.  I think his relief & excitement about ‘getting back … Continue reading

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Onwards & Upwards….

So, it would appear that Tony will soon be ‘sky high’ once more…. After months of setbacks, negotiation, frustration & waiting, it seems he’s one step closer to having all his documentation sorted out for working as a commercial contract pilot … Continue reading

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And after a busy weekend, here we are…! We’d just like to extend our thanks to journalist Louise France for her kind words about us in today’s ‘Observer Magazine’ feature; & to Pal Hansen for his fantastic photography (the full-page picture … Continue reading

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So here we are, at the end of another month…. and STILL, the Dairy Complex isn’t up & running.  During weekdays it’s a hive of activity with thumps, bangs & industrious echoes within & without; but weekends are ominously silent … Continue reading

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Fiat Lux

Let there be light. It’s there, a faint glimmer at the end of the tunnel, at last….as today we were finally blessed with independent power to the Dairy Complex & were able to turn on the milking parlour’s vacuum pump for the … Continue reading

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Fencing Foils

Sorry folks, just as yesterday wasn’t about things-tilling-soil so this too, isn’t a Clash of the (whippy-sworded Zorro) Titans; more “bah, foiled again”….or should that be, “baa”, actually…..?   Hmmmm. Frankly, the wethers are getting increasingly frustrating: whilst MacDougal behaves impeccably, … Continue reading

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Little Lamb…..

Could the second day of the month, be any worse than the first….? After yesterday’s nightmares, I fervently hoped not.  Tony had arrived home at around 2am, after his gruelling marathon ’round trip’ to Cairo.  Exhausted, he stumbled into the cottage & … Continue reading

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