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jo in a nutshell

Name:  Jo Knight. Born:  More years ago than I care to tell (!!) in Bournemouth. Education:  Clinton School; Abbey Hall (‘O’ Levels); Castle Hall VIth Form College (‘A’ Levels); University of Sheffield (2:1 BA Hons in Ancient History & Classical Archaeology).  Languages:  colloquial Welsh, … Continue reading

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It’s been an unusual day. I started the standard round of ffarm chores relatively early, before the sun had even slipped over the treetops in the valley; although of course the days are growing ever shorter with the subtly relentless onset of autumn.  … Continue reading

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Not digging this…..

Ahhhhh….. ….the end of another day.  The dark, bulky magnificence of the Frenni Fawr Mountain is silhouetted against the fragile gold of the late evening sky, the shadows around the old stone barn deepening softly as the sun slips behind the … Continue reading

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Summer Sorrows

It’s been a sad day. The swallows appear to be considering their migration plans as they’re wheeling wildly in a large group than usual, overhead; this is worrying, as the pair of swallows nesting in the Long Barn are a long way … Continue reading

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The strain is starting to show….

Excuse the titular pun today, but I couldn’t resisit it: in these dark days, there has to be some humour; even if it is somewhat black.  So they’ve established the strain of the FMD virus in this outbreak: 01 BFS67 … Continue reading

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FMD: the nightmare continues

Not good news:  there’s been a further suspect case of FMD reported within the Surrey Protection Zone.  All the cattle concerned, have been slaughtered.  Meanwhile, our continued observation of Defra’s website has revealed further gaps in the information they’re providing: there is … Continue reading

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