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Fear not, dear Reader, the above title is to do with nothing injurous: purely based on a couple of today’s experiences.  The first was an amusing report on the news, about a ‘raid’ in Soho by some firemen on a … Continue reading

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Chills & Spills

Not, alas, an umblemishingly lovely Welsh day: It was one of sunshine & showers – the sunshine, ironically, every time I had my ‘nose to the grindstone’ in paperwork; & the showers, each time said magnificent nasal protuberance (yea, albeit a … Continue reading

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Sticky Chicken & Churlish Sulking

Whilst the sun shines over the valley outside, we have cloudier skies in the house as Tony’s grumpiness has apparently spilled over from yesterday.  He didn’t surface from deep beneath the duvet until 10am; & then seemed almost determined not to help with the … Continue reading

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Welcome – Croeso – to our Site: the tale of LittleFfarm Dairy & how we became the privileged guardians of this beautiful slice of Paradise. Have you ever felt that you’ve just had enough, stuck in life’s rut, pacing on an … Continue reading

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Champagne & Sunshine

It’s our friend Allan’s 50th birthday; & to celebrate it in style he, along with wife Sue & son Barney, have come to Wales as they are hoping to move to the area in the next couple of years. We met Allan & Sue … Continue reading

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…And now, Wales Burning (Ironically)

The Greek fires still rage, fanned mercillessly by the warm winds in the Peloponnese;  tragically, we are told the death toll has risen to over sixty.  That’s sixty lives claimed, as well as vast tracts of beautiful, ancient landscape lost forever.  … Continue reading

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Olympus Burning

Well, this makes a change….!!      Admittedly, it wasn’t as warm as yesterday; however, we are thanking our lucky stars for any hint of Summer at all at the moment, as haymaking can recommence in earnest at last.  What is left, won’t … Continue reading

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Famine or feast: counting the cost

Today’s UK headlines spread the gloom that the price of food is set to rise….. This is because crops have failed catastrophically, almost everywhere: soft fruits have been mildewed; potatoes & tomatoes, blighted; & wheat, barley, oats & peas, battered to … Continue reading

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The morning dawned, refreshingly sunny if a little cool; so I took Nanuk out for a brisk walk up in the top pasture, the glorious green-&-gold of the wooded valley dappled with the pattern cast by cloud shadows as the … Continue reading

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Same old story; fresh new fears

What was that remark, yesterday? Oh yes – that it did seem a little premature, that limited livestock movements were again being permitted.  Funny old thing; today there has been another suspect case of FMD reported in Surrey, so a new Temporary … Continue reading

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