Musical Goats

Look out for Lovespoon...!

Look out for Lovespoon...!

This has been another typically rushed-off-our feet week: with a big trade show at Newtown in mid Wales, & a humungous delivery to one of our favourite customers – Llanwrtyd Wells’  effervescent Info Centre, appropriately dubbed ‘In the Pink’ owing to its’ cheerful, flamingo-bright exterior (complete with a coral-coloured Robin Reliant!) & welcoming interior including a bustling Internet Café.  

It’s an especially laudable enterprise as the town’s original Information Centre was closed following a series of Government cuts; however not to be thwarted the townsfolk not only revived the Centre but have made this – officially the UK’s smallest town – one of the most thriving & off-the-wall places in Wales; hosting some of the most extraordinary & original events & festivities ever dreamed of (check out their website if you don’t believe me – bog snorkelling, anyone…?!).

Meanwhile the trade show I attended at Newtown has given us a few interesting leads (in fact I had a firm order placed, within less than two minutes of opening our micro Gelateria!) however we’re a little concerned that the distance is still geographically further than we’d currently like to travel; especially as we still haven’t collected our new delivery vehicle (yet). 

But as that’s only days away, we’re certainly making steady progress….

In addition the engineers from RMS have been over to do some more advanced work on the milking parlour.  When it was purchased, the system was set up for sheep; as it had a dual cluster (rather than a quadruple as for cows – sheep & goats only have four udders compared with the four of a cow).  The pressure was adjusted & all was apparently well. 

Upgraded goat clusters

Upgraded goat clusters

However, having worked with the system for a little while we’re finding that it isn’t quite right.  As the milk in the goats’ udders is extracted the clusters have had a tendency to ride up uncomfortably, chafing the teats; & in addition the single vacuum line was taking milk from both udders simultaneously rather than alternately, which our goats are naturally more used to; as we start them after their first kidding with a little gentle handmilking first from the ground & then standing them on a low platform so that nothing is ever too stressful.   So with their long-term comfort in mind, it was well worth the investment to adapt the milking parlour in the most perfect possible way, for our lovely ladies. 

We’ve changed the vaccum lines from single to dual, to more accurately mimic hand milking; & in addition had stainless steel goat weights & buffers fitted to the clusters to ensure a more natural ‘drop’ for the teats (much as when a kid is suckling). 

The result?  Happy, contented milking goats – especially when their favourite Bryn Terfel CD is echoing throught the parlour….so; next on the ‘wish list’ is a better CD player as this one isn’t quite loud enough to be heard clearly at Armeria’s end of the Parlour.  And she doesn’t-half complain, if she can’t sing along with either her darling Bryn; or her favourite from ‘The Sound of Music’ – of course….!




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