More Fool Us….?

"Welcome Home, Master...!"
“Welcome Home, Master…!”

Hooray!  Tony’s back home – at long last.

He’s been away on a long training course, hence the reason I’ve spent the last eleven weeks coping ‘solo’ here on the Ffarm.  Looking at what I’ve been through; what with blizzards, floods, lambing & kidding to name but a brief snapshot of how hectic life inevitably is, here – not to mention worrying about Tony as he endured several gruelling exams – it’s hard for me to comprehend quite how I’ve managed through the truly difficult times.  

But I have; & I’m stronger, better & wiser, for it all.

So admittedly I must say that aside from the absolute joy of seeing Tony it’s a great relief, too.  He’s due a few weeks’ leave so it’ll be wonderful to spend some completely uninterrupted time together, on the Ffarm; although whether it can exactly be described as ‘quality’ is another matter as there’s such a backlog of work to catch up with.

And today when I picked him up from the railway station, even our romantic reunion occurred in apologetically sympathetic haste – as ironically I had to fit his ‘collection’ in with a comprehensive delivery round; including an urgent order for the wonderful new Cwmcerrig Farm Shop & Grill where Lovespoon is proving a real hit & our week-on-week demand doubles, literally every couple of days….& it’s nowhere near peak season yet (scary!).  

So, our ‘Mutual Happiness’  😉   headed off on our typical delivery route; albeit we arranged that we enjoy a pause at Cwmcerrig, our convenient & leisurely-lunchtime destination just so that we could stop there to sample their superb carvery: nigh-on all of the produce served – meat, veg, dessert fruits – has come directly from their farm or from the wider reaches of our lovely county, Carmarthenshire (as has the shop’s wider selection of produce). 

And I have to say, Cwmcerrig’s home-produced Hereford beef must be amongst the finest ever tasted: mouthwateringly succulent, tender & flavoursome (worth the trip for that alone!).   As ever we spent a good ‘cut’ of our profits, on their own wonderful produce….so we’re all mutually benefiting, not to mention consuming far healthier, higher-quality (local) produce, as a result.

After our delicious meal we headed back via Carmarthen to catch up with some ‘big town’ shopping, albeit from our point of view our needs are modest; usually just a trip to the local Farmers’ Co-Op or wholesalers’ to replenish our stocks of pure, British sugar .  For a change the weather was fine & pleasant; so Tony at least didn’t return to typically torrential rain (although we have had a few rare sunny & even WARM days, recently – heavenly). 

Back at the Ffarm the sun was already going down so after hastily unloading the shopping I showed Tony the latest happenings – including getting acquainted with the new kids, none of whom he’d met yet alone helped bring into the world – those special moments that he’s missed with sore regret (but not to worry – Tippy, Koo & Tango have held out for him!).   And of course he was reunited with young Brynn, our Border Collie; who after eleven long weeks initially met him with hackles raised but soon remembered his master’s voice & was gazing at him adoringly & fawning delightedly at his heels with every opportunity.  Tony for his part was impressed how Brynn has transformed from chubby puppy to muscular, fit, trainee sheepdog. 

At last light we settled at the elegant wooden table beside the wildlife pond with a glass of good red wine, to watch the sun slip behind the mountains & the stars start to glitter the night sky with their white fire; whilst trying to pick out The Lovespoon Star from the constellation of Draco, whilst a little bat wheeled in cheerful, insect-clearing duty overhead. 

Some people think we’re fools, to live so far out ‘in the sticks’; with such a hard, frugal existence compared with our old lifestyle.  But with the beautiful blaze of this evening’s sunset, the wistful calls of the dusk-winged owls, & the soft whisper of the river tumbling timelessly through the meandering valley, we’d be daft to ever leave.


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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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4 Responses to More Fool Us….?

  1. Aw, it would have been nice to visit and be a woofer whislt dear Tony was away…if only eh!


  2. paula says:

    Wow Jo – as you said, you’ve been through the hardest three months of the year alone. What an enormous amount you’ve achieved and had to cope with.
    And having Tony back must be extraordinary too. Wonderful, but also a little strange as so much water has passed under the bridge.
    I take my hat off and send warmest thoughts.

  3. casalba says:

    I don’t think you’re mad at all – just brave.

    That’s fantastic news about the Lovespoon business doing so well.

    Hope you’ll have at least one day off now that Tony is back – you deserve it!

  4. Some people may think you are fools, but some people don’t know what they’re missing out on! Hope everything is going well with you and yours x

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