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Getting it right: keeping everyone happy....

Getting it right: keeping everyone happy....

Yet again – no rest for the wicked!

After milking & morning chores I headed over the lovely Prescelli Mountains backed by a sapphire-sparkling, crystal-blue sea; & across to the picturesque stone-scaped market town of Narberth, for another fantastically-informative True Marketing course – with today’s subject being the all-important but often-overlooked topic of Public Relations.  Foodie friends old & new, were in attendance; & an entertaining & revealing day was enjoyed & absorbed by us all in the convivially elegant Victorian surroundings of the Plas Hyfryd hotel. 

Then I had to hurry back home for an even busier evening, on the Ffarm: as it was time that all the kids were repatriated to their new dormitories whilst our Third Generation Milkforce Ladies joined their Senior Chums in the Dairy Complex at last.  

After all, they needed to learn the ‘milky’ ropes whilst adjusting to the more relaxed ‘harem’ atmosphere of not being constantly bothered by belligerent, hungry kids all the time – but enjoying the welcome relaxation of cudding, lounging & indulging in regular neck, shoulder &/or back massages plus pedicures, as required/requested.

Ohhh, what a life!  Personally I could easily be mistaken for a shaggy rough-coated collie, right now; such is the length of my horribly dense fringe & my whizzy attitude. Which didn’t help this evening; as when I needed to relocate the New (first-time) Mums from the Middle Yard & up into their salubrious new accommodation in the Dairy Complex, it took absolute ages of gentle persuasion not to mention extreme physical effort on my behalf to persuade them onto the milkstand in order to simply ease their udders into their gentle new regime, partially due to young Master Brynn’s high excitement at my antics.  Fortunately I was able to contain him for a short while; although being a collie any confinement has to be brief as otherwise he’d go stir-crazy with all that energy he possesses. 

I then had to attempt to catch all the cheeky little girls who were still with their mums, so that they could go to their new playpen in sleepy mood before waking up with hungry tums in the morning & therefore feel more receptive to taking warm milk from a bottle rather than the udder they’ve been used to.  Although the little girls were incredibly cheeky (as ever) & simply assumed all I wanted was our usual game of ‘tag’ (well, to be more accurate, their usual game of tag; & mine of exasperatedly chasing them away from where they’re Not Meant To Be) as the evening was fast drawing to a close & they were by now feeling very sleepy (me included) they soon allowed me to ‘win’ the game; & each little lass snuggled deep into my arms as I carried her into the new Playpen to cuddle up in the usual warm, slumbering heap of tired, happy devilish little Angels, without a care in the world.  I must admit, this is one of the many advantages of the ‘free-range’ kid rearing system we’ve adopted, in the Dairy Complex; rather than sticking with their mums the kids form their own little social groups & snuggle together at night & during the afternoon siesta, which tahnkfully means the kids are far less attached to their mothers than would otherwise be the case.  Add to that the fact that this encourages an ‘Oliver Twist’ mentality in which some of the bolder kids will pick the ‘udder’ pockets of any Mum who happens to be in close cudding proximity….& the typically traumatic episode of separating kids from mums is in fact, nothing of the sort: the kids don’t care; & the mums are frankly relieved. 

So; far less stress all round…..especially for Yours Truly (phew!).

But tomorrow is another day – & perhaps the most challenging of the year so far; as I have to give all the very rusty Senior Ladies a ‘from scratch’ milking revision session, plus the Junior Milkforce require further extensively patient training on the milkstand prior to graduating into the Advanced Parlour; & the baby girls, receive their first-ever ‘proper’ bottle feeds – by no means easy tasks; even when tackled individually. 

Time to catch up on some serious ‘Zs’ methinks, before doubtless an even longer day ahead, tomorrow….urgh.  However at least I’ve learned a thing or two: whether it’s humans or caprines, the crucial thing is to try to keep the waters as smooth as possible – even though Public Relations proves you cannot keep everyone happy, all the time!

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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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6 Responses to Public Relations

  1. paula says:

    I hope it all went well. I fell for you and hope by now you’re into a routine.

  2. paula says:

    Meant feel…oh well!

  3. katie says:

    Goodness, girl! You must sleep like a log once you finally get to bed!

    • LittleFfarm Dairy says:

      “To be honest I usually end up crashing out on the sofa; & wake up at around 2am thinking, ‘oh bugger!’. Problem is that once I’m awake & head up the creaky old stairs to bed, my mind starts to focus on the day ahead & I don’t get back to sleep. Until, that is literally a moment before the alarm shrills rudely….oh, bugger.”

  4. Lovely PR photo (Dare I admit to licking your ice cream on my screen?)

    I’ve all but given up doing the move from sofa to bed as I’m the same as you, wide awake when my head hits the bedroom pillow! Ugh.

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