“Roll Out The Barrow…”

"Come on, then....PUSH!"

"Come on, then....PUSH!"

 OK:  so I may appear to have got the words to that well-known Cockney pub ditty, shlurlightlee ashkyoo…..

Of course I appreciate that it’s a barrel that’s requested to be rolled, not a barrow.  However.  Not on this Ffarm.  I’m glad to say, that all of our goats are mercifully teetotal – as how on earth I’d cope with a horde of cheeky ‘hen night’ goats, I cannot imagine…..although if I’ve left the sugarbeet shreds to soak for a little too long, they do start to ferment, which means the Milkforce can get a bit rowdy; & I swear I’ve seen Merson propping up the bar in the local hostelry before guiltily slinking away at my sideways double-take.  After all, there can’t be anyone else round here with a beard like that.  Can there….?!   😉   ). 

And sometimes, judging by the way the ‘teenage’ girls belch so rudely, I do wonder whether they’re illicitly brewing some sort of moonshine behind my back in the currently-uncommissioned Ice-Creamery Irrigation Tank on which I’ve set up my impromptu patio, so that I can indulge in a rare respite & enjoy my breakfast – so no wonder I have such a feeling of relaxed wellbeing, with all the fumes….ahhh, those sugarbeet shreds again, no doubt!

But the kids have other ideas (regarding the barrow, that is).  The latest game in their arsenal is (apparently) barrow-surfing: as soon as I begin to fill the feed barrow with hay, they start leaping on board & demanding ‘rides’ around the Dairy Complex.  Cheeky Ceinwen likes to stand at the front of the barrow whilst I wheel her mum’s hay up to the breakfast bar, waggling her little tail in delight as we parade across patches of golden sunshine cast through the rooflights. 

In my role of caprine midwife I’m used to regularly dispensing encouragement to my ladies, in the form of “Come on –  PUUUUSHHHH..!”  & now those self-same kids I helped to bring into the world are bleating the identical thing at ‘Aunty Jo’. 

Now, this barrowload of fun & games game might sound quite a happy, harmless activity; however having been on the receiving end a few too many times this year I can assure you, it’s not.  Frankly, they’re a bunch of Bloomin’ Hooligans: the caprine equivalent of Hoodies, in fact. 

Whilst very small the kids are inevitably also very sweet; however as they start to get older & a bit more adventurous it’s not quite so much fun (for me, anyway).  Those sharp little hooves leave me black-&-blue with bruises as the kids stand on their hind legs & batter me; demanding attention from their big, bumbling two-legged playmate – & of course there’s also the added frissance of the daily heart attack as said kids surprise me by leaping off the highest bales for a soft landing on top of me, at seemingly every opportunity. 

That said:  I wouldn’t be without them.

But I did get another barrowload of surprise, at the end of today’s tiring day: a ‘Good Blog’ Award, for which I’m absolutely chuffed.  Called the Lemonade Award, it’s apparently given for writing an interesting Blog.  So I’m delighted it’s evidently being enjoyed!   

I don’t think sometimes people realise how much work it is to create a decent-length post complete with photos, especially when you are extremely tired & only part-way through an average twenty-hour working day which combines hard physical labour with challenging mental agility.  So it really is lovely – & I am truly touched – to learn that Someone, Somewhere, appreciates my efforts. 

Thus, my sincere thanks to Poppy from A Life Less Simple for giving LittleFfarm Dairy the award: incidentally I also highly recommend her Blog too, it’s a great read which always warms my heart.  And with its ‘market barrow’ theme, it fitted perfectly into today’s antics!  Unfortunately I cannot download the icon as WordPress won’t let me, so you’ll just have to pop over to Poppy’s Blogplace (great excuse – access link on RHS) to see it. 

And also I must mention the wonderful Kristeva at Howling Duck Ranch, who farms beautifully in the challenging Canadian wilds & writes an absolutely thrilling, evocative Blog: she’s also given me the accolade of a ‘Chum’ Award, for which I’m extremely flattered & hope that one day, we’ll be able to pop in for a cuppa…..as of course, she lives close to an airstrip & Tony’s a highly-skilled (& adventurous) pilot! 

One day…..

About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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2 Responses to “Roll Out The Barrow…”

  1. alifelesssimple says:

    Thanks Jo! It is really nice to hear that I am rate too.

    Hppy Easter to both of you and all your girls!

  2. Hmmmmm, fermented beets as feed. Pre-alcholized ice cream anyone? Call it ‘Drunken Stroop Dream’ (stroop being the Dutch pancake syrup made from sugar beets).

    Looking forward to seeing if my goats are preggers. Even more to the kidding part. It must be so exiting to see the new kiddies bouncing about the farm.

    The photo makes me think you should enter the goats in the local field days. They look like they are training for the Barrow Racing Team!

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