Detail: My handpainted Daffodil from our Wedding Breakfast menu

St David’s Day to all of you who (rightly) celebrate all that is great about this wonderful Welsh nation;

but especially, a Very Happy Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband, as today we celebrate glorious years of marriage together.   Here was that Magic Moment when two became one, at approximately 2.20pm on St David’s Day, 1st March 2003……


….And here’s something else a bit (well actually, very) special.  Recognise this….?


 ….naturally, it’s our ‘Lovespoon’ swirl.  Being our Wedding Anniversary, we’ve always faithfully followed the tradition of exchanging gifts crafted from a specific material, every year.   This year – our sixth – is quite a challenge:  iron.   Unfortunately I can’t show you my gift to Tony, as the local Blacksmith has found it’s taking a fair while longer to craft, than anticipated (but a job done well, is worth waiting for..!).   However his present to me is, I’m sure you’ll agree, simply stunning.  Created by local craftsman Roy Thedvall from the Pembrokeshire Craftsmens’ Circle, it’s an iron Pan Trivet (on which hot pans are rested in the kitchen).   And this is what it looks like:


Stunning, I’m sure you’ll agree.  Sadly however, it frankly isn’t fit for purpose.  Because I could never tarnish such a lovely thing with a hot pan (although I do need something for our stracciatella’s bain marie!).   

No; this beauty will be set into one of the Dairy Complex doors or walls, as a tribute not only to Lovespoon – but equally, as a tribute to our love for each other.  Isn’t that what it’s all about, after all….?!

And to make it a perfect day, Zuskie popped out a lovely little female kid (Cymraes, which means ‘Welsh Woman’ – being St David’s Day!) – especially wonderful, as last year she tragically aborted a tiny male foetus & became so ill as a result we didn’t think she’d be likely to ever carry a kid, again.  So thank you, Zuskie; you’ve restored my faith in miracles – & on such a special day, too.



About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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5 Responses to Happy…..

  1. sylvia says:

    That Pan Trivet looks a beautiful piece of work.

    How many kids have arrived now?

    Have you had any lambs?


  2. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Hi Sylvia,

    It’s absolutely beautiful – a true work of art. Tony has (as ever) bowled me over with such an exquisite, thoughtful & unique gift.

    Every year he comes up with something similarly incredible; & apparently he’s already got our ‘lucky seven’ in the pipeline – seventh anniversary traditionally being wool. So, best I get my thinking cap on, as well….!

    Meanwhile – & very auspicious for St David’s Day – Zuskie was easily delivered of a lovely little lady, early this afternoon.

    Thus so far we have eleven caprine babies: six girls & five boys, all in the last few days. So you’ll forgive me that with business booming & babies popping out I’ve been a bit too busy to blog as regularly as we’d like (sorry folks!).

    Only a couple of ewes are ‘in lamb’ this year; as we now have to concentrate on core business.

    Although whilst I’d like to say that makes it an easier life….more a case of swings & roundabouts!

    Give our love to B – we hope he’s recovered from his fruitless snow-shovelling activities (darn that plough!).

  3. paula says:

    That is so beautiful…and incredibly special Jo. Wow, a romantic with soul, passion and taste. Wonderful

    Not appropriate here but quickly. I’ve been meaning to email you about your comment on my mum’s funeral – couldn’t do it on the blog – but yes, I encountered the very same inappropriate Christian dogma too – will get round to that email!

    Hope you had a special anniversary – the sun shone here. BTW – love your daffodil too – do you have time for any painting now? Stupid question – NO – is the answer

    “Hi Paula – alas, no time for painting – not that I’m any good at it; I handpainted & handmade every single invitation, menu etc etc for our Wedding – it took ages & I must’ve obliterated at least a small copse with the number of throwaway mistakes I made!

    Meanwhile tradition has it that the first daffodil here on the Ffarm, always blooms on St David’s Day – it was a close-run thing here this year but it actually DID come to pass.

    That Christian dogma thing is really annoying – we should all allow for one others’ beliefs; especially out of respect for the memory of one who has recently passed away.

    Thank you for your comments about the trivet. Tony, being a chivalrous Knight, will be delighted to be described in the manner above! He certainly has his moments….” 😉

  4. casalba says:

    I’m bowled over, so can only begin to imagine how you must feel. That trivet is a work of art. (I wouldn’t use it either.) Loved your daffodil too. Looking forward to seeing what your gift is.

    “Hello there, Sally –

    yes; I was utterly overwhelmed. As ‘Lovespoon’ is so very special to us, & so many people have commented on the design with suggestions for jewellery, stationery etc, this unusual gift shows just how versatile it is.

    And so beautiful – as you say, a work of art; Roy Thedvall is incredibly talented, & I thank him wholeheartedly for creating such a thing of beauty, for me.

    As I don’t want to have to wait until our twenty-fifth anniversary for a Lovespoon Swirl in silver, I’m hoping Tony will bear in mind that the eighth anniversary is bronze; as I think something akin to that trivet (MUCH smaller & lighter though, of course!) as a pendant or earrings, would be simply stunning.

    But as for my gift, to Tony? I’m afraid you’ll all have to wait….it’s proving far more complex to craft than had been anticipated; so it’ll be a few more weeks yet, alas! Thank goodness Tony’s a patient man – & used to me being eternally late!”

  5. THAT is beautiful both in sentiment and iron! I look forward to seeing the one you will give Tony too. I’m envious of your tradition.


    “Hiya HDR –

    glad to know your Club dinner went well, BTW; & what a fascinating & diverse array of local game there was, on the platter! Mind you I think I’ll leave you to the cougar & bear steaks….whilst I’d love to sample them, I’m glad we don’t have such predators here in ‘Wild’ West Wales! That was a fantastic taxidermy job on the troublesome cougar; although it sent a shiver down my spine when I realised just how ‘up close & personal’ such a consummate killer had been lurking around you & yours; sorry if the PETA people don’t like it – but frankly, they don’t have to live with that terrifying reality; I admire you for your bravery.

    Meanwhile, there’s nothing to stop anyone following this fascinating Wedding Anniversary tradition: if you’ve got a pending anniversary I have a list of every year’s theme, from the first to the eighty-fifth; let me know which is yours & I’ll tell you what tradition dictates is the material from which you are supposed to craft your Loved One’s gift.

    I must say it’s tremendous fun; & we’ve found that it has made our Wedding Anniversary the most special, anticipated & exciting day of the year: because so much more thought, preparation & giggling secrecy goes in to choosing & commissioning those truly cherished gifts. There’s so much fun, originality & imagination that it can take most of the year to achieve the next delightful challenge – whatever the date.

    Highly recommended…if in doubt, just look at that gorgeous trivet to be persuaded!”

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