St David’s Day Feast


For those who fancied some FREE gelato –

we did a Celebration Tasting Session at the Spar Shop in Newcastle Emlyn today (28th February) between 1400 – 1730 hrs.   We showcased the wicked Dragonfire (sultry, smoky-hot dark chocolate with Mexican chillies) & the delicately refreshing Madagascan Royal Bourbon Vanilla, & I’m glad to say it was an outstanding success.  The Spar shop in Emlyn now stocks the full range of ‘Lovespoon’ flavours in 500ml ‘sofa’/family pots, with  the 120ml pots available from early Summer 2009.

Incidentally the Dragonfire challenge was won by a seven-year-old young lady who coolly wolfed down an entire scoopful without batting an eye – brave girl!

Oh yes; & the icing on today’s cake: first thing this morning dear old Thistle gave birth easily, to twins – both boys (alas); silver in colour – just like their Mum.

About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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11 Responses to St David’s Day Feast

  1. paula says:

    I shall get on my flying carpet and be there. Who could resist such an offer? Good luck and a huge spoonful of new devotees.

  2. Jo says:

    Boo hiss boo, too far away! Come east for the next taste tester!!!

  3. Free gelato! You have NO sympathy for those who live afar…Good luck with it!

  4. casalba says:

    Too far for me too. Hope it goes really well. (I fixed the link thing from here – it was in “settings”.) Happy St David’s Day.

  5. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    “Thanks, folks –

    sorry it was a (Severn) bridge too far. The afternoon went really well & it has certainly earned us a load more new fans in the local area.

    In fact it went so well that the local Spar shop, rather than just doing the afternoon’s promotion as agreed, took the entire stock of 500ml pots I’d brought with me; sold a load & even ran out of a couple of flavours….& then bought all the rest so they can keep their newly-demanding customers, happy!

    So it was a very happy St David’s Day indeed for us….but it’s our pleasure, as Wales is worth something so very special; the country is becoming famous for fine food & we want to be right up there, flying the flag of the Red Dragon, of which we are so immensely proud.”

  6. How much do you sell your gelato for? And how far from Cardiff are you? Am thinking of some fun days out once Spring is here properly and the thought of a lovely drive west followed by tasty goodness is very tempting… 🙂

    “Hi, Jo –

    I didn’t realise you lived in Cardiff; what a shame as we were there a few weeks ago – could’ve dropped you off a pot or three…!

    The gelato is priced at £1.50/120ml; & £4.25/500ml. So it’s about the same price as a standard, ‘luxury’ ice cream – but with less calories, less sugar & definitely no E-numbers! Only fresh, natural ingredients used, here….

    Do let us know when you’re thinking of coming, though. As ours is a private dwelling & not a farm shop, we’re not generally ‘open to the public’. Subsequently I’d hate to be ‘out & about’ when you arrived, giving you a long, wasted journey! We’re about an hour-&-a-half from Cardiff with a clear road & a fair breeze following.

    I didn’t realise you used to live in SW Wales, yourself – whereabouts were you? It’s so beautiful over here (except when it’s really raining), I bet you must miss it.

    BTW I’m going to have a go at making that ‘cake-in-a-mug’ – it looks yummy. Thanks for the recipe, chocolate heaven here I come! And of course I’m never short of ice cream to go with it… “

  7. anne says:

    Funny seeing Newcastle Emlyn ….my husband used to live near there with his mum and dad years ago, he took me there to show me where they used to go! Showed me Cenarth Falls..they used to live in Llechryd.

    “Hi there, Anne – welcome to our Blog!

    Well; as they say, it’s a small world….& I used to live in Oxfordshire, where you are now! Cenath is lovely, don’t you think? Especially the old Water Mill & the Salmon’s Leap – so picturesque. And the cataracts are very dramatic when the river’s up!”

  8. I used to live near Lampeter and there’s very little to compare the M4 corridor to the beauty of west Wales. Still, the Valleys are impressive and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I desperately miss the buzzards and red kites who live year round on the hillside leading up to my mother’s smallholding … but twice a day in my muddy field here is s.Wales, I am treated to the sight and sound of wild geese flying overhead, one way in the morning and then again at dusk as they return from an unknown daytime location. Swings and roundabouts.

    And just to prove how small the world really is, I also lived in Oxford for several years!

    “Oh, Lampeter is lovely, I’ve spent a bit of time there doing writers’ workshops with the BBC. If you liked the buzzards & kites you’ll love the post I wrote on February 6th, whilst I was snowed in. Apologies if you haven’t seen it before – I’m having to play ‘catchup’ with a lot of partially-completed archive posts, but (as you can probably gather) we’ve been so busy I just haven’t had the time. Anyway; I do hope you enjoy it, you’ll probably find a fair few more en route to it as well! And as you say; swings & roundabouts….so long as it’s not the ‘Magic’ version in Swindon, which I dare say you’ll have negotiated having lived in Oxford – yeuch.”

  9. Oops, forget to say that my next question was going to be “and where can I buy some?”

    As for the cake in a mug, enjoy. We had it with dulce-de-leche ice cream. Decadence. Bliss. Hardly any washing up!

    “Where to buy…? If you have a look at the ‘Lovespoon’ Blogsite, outlets are listed there. So far we haven’t been ‘pushing’ to get it into shops, though; now the girls are kidding & we’ve got milk again I’m going to build up a good reserve before I start selling in earnest. I cannot imagine anything worse than getting a big order & being unable to fill it because we don’t have enough stock!

    However we know that outlets in Cardiff are interested; & we’re hoping it won’t be long now before our Mail Order service is up & running – so that’s always an option. And for the Mail Order it’ll be in even bigger tubs, too…. Cake-in-a-Mug with ice cream? Dulce-de-licious! I suppose technically it could be called a ‘cup cake’ – ho ho ho!”

  10. Lol! cheers for that, I shall take a look! Didn’t mean to insinuate that as a fellow blogger, I was just going to drop in on you, especially as Spring is always such a busy time!

    Now, you know HDR is going to ask if the mail order service will supply overseas so I hope you’re prepared 😉

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