newlifefeb09-036_frogfaceEver since the snows subsided,

there has been a steady upsurge in the annual Frog Chorus.  We enjoy a ringside seat every time we open the little wood-framed window above the kitchen sink; rolling up sleeves & relieving the washing-up bowl of cloudy puffs of steam, plunging chore-chilled hands into the welcome warmth of breakfast’s soap-sudded water.

The tentative Spring sunshine filters in gold-shimmering slivers through the misted glass whilst I sleepily plonk the copper kettle to boil on the hob, for yet another (hopefully) restorative cup of gently-perfumed Earl Grey tea.  It’s  always a dignified start to a myriad day of smart business suits mingled with sloppy farm garb: metamorphosing from pristine-clean to exhausted & crud-encrusted in the blink of a caprine eye, if needs be.   


I am truly grateful, for this amphibian interlude.  Such long, tiring, extensive, working hours (& I work – & I mean, work:  hard, physical labour peppered with Olympian mental gymnastics for approximately 20 hours per day, every single day) would make even the most energetic of souls, feel jaded at times. 

newlifefeb09-033So the fresh green shoots which are gradually appearing on the boughs of the bushes &  trees, & the emerald duckweed floating ever-more expansively on the pond, are a different shade of vibrant jade; interspersed with the ever-watchful bejewelled eyes of the frogs just peeping above the water’s surface. 

The cacophanic croaking from those froggy throats is positively tranquillising, & never fails to soothe my shattered nerves.  Today I was walking down through the orchard after touring the fields when I heard that hypnotic rhythm; & it lulled me into a relaxing, appreciative pause. 

newlifefeb09-023There are big, gelatinous gobbets of frogspawn floating in the pond; so evidently all that wooing hasn’t been for naught. 

And with tender crocus buds peeping through the withered winter grass amidst the bare fruit trees, the promise of a warmer season – however tenuous – is sufficient to lift the most tired heart & put a Spring back into welly boots which have, for all too many months, been slogging through dark days & heavy mud….



Orchard Crocus

Orchard Crocuses. Purple is nestled next to the Victoria Plum.....


Beneath the Winter Banana....

....Delicate yellow, beneath the Winter Banana....


...& gold upon Wild Lady Cat Shaui's final resting place.

...& gorgeous gold, to grace Wild Lady Cat Shaui's final resting place.


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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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