Sweet Dreams….?

1186Ahhh, sleep, blissful sleep….it’s definitely hibernation weather. 

We’re still snowed in (well, rather more iced in at the moment); & on top of everything else have suffered today from a lack of communications, as the ‘phone lines along the lane are being replaced.  We weren’t actually informed of the work; so when the telephone went dead I wondered what on earth had happened.  Spying a BT van parked on the lane high above the Ffarm I whistled to Brynn & we made our way with some difficulty up the driveway, still slippery with ice & in places, & steeped in snowdrifts.  We were duly informed that the lines would be down until at least 3pm….a worry; as I knew my concerned family would fret if they could not contact me.  But there was nothing I could do; so after going for a walk to get some fresh air we headed back to the ffarm & I launched into some rather tedious-but-necessary paperwork.

This evening I indulged in a rare hour of television.  There was a fascinating programme about the reason why we dream; & it’s multi-faceted.  Of course there’s the well-known theory that we dream in order to make sense of what had happened to us throughout the waking day; but did you know that we can also learn from our dreams?  Experiments have been carried out which suggest that if you have carried out a particular activity during the day, the subconscious mind will search for similar, stored experiences & replay them (albeit in an often abstract way) in order that we can improve upon our peformance – & it works! 

Apparently the dreams we have during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, tend to be nightmares; whilst pleasant dreams are experienced pre-REM, a new discovery.  And it could be important in helping depressive illness; as studies of depressed patients’ sleep patterns have found that they do not experience pre-REM but only REM sleep – so if REM is subdued, it drastically enhances the patient’s chance of natural recovery – & can be achieved without the use of powerful suppressant drugs.

Then there’s the interesting idea that even nightmares happen for a good reason: they not only teach us to be more aware of danger, but also help us to face our fears.  Indeed it’s thought that if mankind hadn’t suffered nightmares throughout evolution, we as a species would not have survived. 

So when you go ‘up the wooden hill’ tonight clutching your hot water bottle & a nice milky drink, if your dreams are less than sweet don’t despair – you might just learn something useful.


‘Dream Catch Me’: my favourite song from 2007 – by the exceptionally Newton Faulkner.  Enjoy!


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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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1 Response to Sweet Dreams….?

  1. Tony says:

    Jo- remember watching the kids in the house trying, but failing to jump on the sofa? They would get to a point of sheer fustrations and would then literally ‘sleep on it?’

    Whilst asleep, their legs would move ‘ten-to-the-dozen’ as they sorted out where they were going wrong. Once awake, they would then jump on the sofa – making it look so, so easy!

    Hiya Cariad –

    yes, absolutely; it was the same when our tiny-but-determined Bechan was learning to walk, last year (I should point out that by ‘kids’ Tony is referring to our goats, of course; the now robust little Bechan, included!). Another thing the kids do (whilst awake) if whatever they’re attempting to learn keeps going wrong, is to stand still; shake head; shiver body; flap ears….& then start again – invariably, a success. Works for them!

    Meanwhile yesterday I was watching one of the three-day-old kids with riveted fascination. They appear, sometimes, to be dozing with their eyes open; however on closer investigation you realise they are actually in an extremely deep sleep. Their eyes are darting all over the place but sometimes the sleep is so very deep that their limbs don’t even twitch….

    In this little one’s case she’d been last, every time, in yesterday’s Whacky Races – where a group of kids will run several circuits at full gallop, right the way around the entire circumference of the pens (no mean feat, I can tell you!). This little lass had finished every race either last or close to, in spite of her most valiant efforts.

    After this morning’s restless REM re-run, her performance had dramatically improved: she shot past the (apparently pre-arranged) Finish Line in either second or third place, for each & every race in which she chose to ‘compete’, today. Shame I can’t make the more difficult members of the Milkforce dream up the perfect parlour routine….& if only I could train a ‘rookie’ racehorse with REM – I’d be a millionaire, in no time! (Mind you the goats would only spend it all, anyway….)” 😉

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