Braving the Blizzard


So, it’s still snowing…..

The old & the new: Long Barn & Dairy Complex, all part of 2009's Winter Wonderland.

The old & the new: Long Barn & Dairy Complex, all part of 2009's Winter Wonderland.

here we go, dawn again: & another deeply (unwelcome) snowy day.  But please don’t dismiss me as some old ‘bah humbug’ harbinger; I love larking around in the “white stuff” with the best & rest of ’em.  However, when it turns every day into an icy threat….then it certainly does become less of a pleasure, more of a chore.

But that’s not to say I fail to appreciate the iced beauty of it all; & whilst at least the snow is deep, crisp & (vaguely) even, it is wonderfully invigorating (if admittedly at times, also infuriating),  redigging the paths & trudging briskly along with barrowloads of food & water for all our demanding charges. 

 And unlike our delicately elegant felines, Brynn clearly adores the snow.  Stumbling his way from podgy puppyhood to mean, lean, adolescent this change in the weather is the perfect excuse for a delightful transition – & that includes both of us.  We duck, dive, & leap; toss snow & snowballs at each other; thus a much-needed gasp of breathless hilarity ensues twixt the serious work of keeping the Ffarm alive & well.  winter-wonderland-2009-536

Meanwhile, apart from the snow, it was business as usual: & delightful in the form of something much warmer to look forward to…!  The telephone trilled whilst I was still shovelling snow; & I hastily trudged back to the house, grateful for an excuse to put the kettle on the hob, whilst taking the call. 

It was an invitation to bring our gelato to a spring festival – & a really special one at that.   The National Botanic Gardens are holding a Mediterranean Weekend at the end of April (25th-26th) in that wonder of wonders, the Great Glasshouse.  This really is the time to view the plants of the Med, as they’ll be in full flower, & utterly beautiful.  And to add to the atmosphere there will be plenty of attractions to see & sample – especially a wide selection of food & drink in the Mediterranean Market; including fine wines, cured meats, crêpes….& of course our classic gelato, made (as ever) to a traditional Italian recipe.  The opportunity to spend an entire weekend in such fantastic surroundings is so exciting, I can’t wait!  (For more details consult our Lovespoon Blog).

winter-wonderland-2009-535Thus as ever, it was back out into the relentless snow showers; although thankfully by lunchtime they’d died away & once again, there was even the hint of a thaw.  But this brought its own problems as the guttering on the side of the house started to buckle with the weight of the wet snow.   I worked hard to clear it; however with every success came another frustrating slither of snow off the curved garage roof & back down into the guttering.   And I was even more concerned about the haybarn roof, as the wind had caused drier snow to drift alarmingly to the northerly end; I was worried the sheer weight of the snow would cause the roof to collapse altogether, ruining the haystack beneath.    Thankfully though it held; & our hay is safe for another day….


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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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