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Things that go ‘Bump’ in the Night….

‘Twas All Hallows Eve, when the veils between the worlds of the Living & the Dead grow thin.  All was quiet in the inky blackness of the night, the little Ffarm tucked down in the valley huddled against the bitter chill … Continue reading

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Torture Chamber

The door to the Dairy swung ominously open. “You shouldn’t be allowed to work in here”, a voice growled. Tony & I looked up in surprise, huddled like a couple of witches around our ‘cauldron’ – the old batch pasteuriser.  I was … Continue reading

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Mrs Mussolini’s Demise

That’s not the person; but the hen.  A few years ago we supplemented our modest flock of aged but excellent Black Rocks with a smattering of other breeds: hybrid Blue Belles; Leghorns, & Light Sussex birds.  I must say that … Continue reading

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Around our Ffarm: the Long Barn

Especially at the request of Kristeva from Howling Duck Ranch – & rather apologetically because I don’t have anything particularly exciting to write about, today – here are some pictures of the Long Barn, where we’d originally intended to set up our … Continue reading

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Four Seasons

….In One Day: Unbelievable.  The morning started promisingly enough: whilst somewhat colder than it has been of late it was at least sunny, the valley suffused with golden light which highlighted the exquisite autumnal hues of the woodland.  After a … Continue reading

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Bleedin’ Awful!

It really has been one of those days. Stinging rain has been soaking the valley yet again; to the point that we’re weary of wet clothes & damp spirits.  We grumped our way through the chores, especially as the goats weren’t … Continue reading

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Onwards & Upwards….

So, it would appear that Tony will soon be ‘sky high’ once more…. After months of setbacks, negotiation, frustration & waiting, it seems he’s one step closer to having all his documentation sorted out for working as a commercial contract pilot … Continue reading

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Penblywdd Hapus

For those unfamiliar with the Welsh language, that means “Happy Birthday”.   And today is one of those days – the Birthday of a Very Special Person – the world’s most wonderful Mum (mine).  So I hope you’ll join me in wishing her … Continue reading

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You’ll Find a Welcome in the Hillsides…..

You’ll find a welcome here, in Wales…….to BRYNN!! …..So a very big “Thank You”, to all of you who’ve voted – the name ‘Brynn’ proved far & away, the absolute favourite.  And admittedly, we wholeheartedly agree; & had sincerely hoped that endearing name, … Continue reading

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Covering the Options

….He’s so gorgeous I thought he deserved his own front page….!  😉 And now, on the question of names:  Grateful if you can help us….!

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