And after a busy weekend, here we are…!

We’d just like to extend our thanks to journalist Louise France for her kind words about us in today’s ‘Observer Magazine’ feature;

& to Pal Hansen for his fantastic photography (the full-page picture of our goats on Parc Dyffryn is outstanding).  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting them both & working with them on the article – it was great fun & a change from the ‘norm’.


About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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5 Responses to Observe….

  1. paula says:

    Jo, heavens what a lots happened! I turned my head for a moment, think it was midsummer, checked you for a bit and guessed you must have been up to your neck in something or another…and here you are! All up and running, ready to roll.
    Congratulations in every way and may it all succeed hugely. I alone can keep you going – ice-cream is my most favorite thing.
    Well done to the both of you.

  2. paula says:

    Fab photo of you both and the goats. But…the sun is shining? You look dry? Is this real or photoshop?!!?!

    Actually Jo – I love the photo of you holding the baby lamb in the post below!

  3. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    It is real, amazingly;

    we were unusually lucky with the weather that day. However to achieve shots like this ironically you wait for cloud to come over….because that’s when the lighting rig set up behind the cameraman, comes into its own!

    The goats were hilarious – kept sneaking behind poor Pal to chew his dreadlocks, or trying to unplug the leads from the lights. Someone else said they thought the background to the picture looks so lovely, it must be a canvas in a studio rather than a real place!

    I too am very fond of the photo with the lamb – it was a very special moment.

  4. John Musselwhite says:

    Hi Jo, Tony and Crew

    Saw you last week in an unbelieveably rare visit to the Observer’s magazine! Can’t imagine why we looked – divine intervention! Glad you are doing so well. Also very glad Tony admitted to being Goat Mad! I fancy bees myself!!

    We’d love to do something similar, as long as it can work around school. A few years away yet, but thinking of it more and more. Need to come and get some ideas from you again – it is still one of our best breaks ever and Jack still asks if the hens laying eggs will remember to put his name on!

    About time we exchanged some massive e-mails, but want to check your address is still the same

    Best wishes and good luck for the future now you are media stars!

    John, Chris and Jack

  5. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Hi John, Chris & Jack!

    Dear friends, it’s lovely to hear from you (as always). Must’ve been a sixth sense reference the ‘Observer’ article! We loved it; & thought Louise, Pal & co, did us proud.

    Yup you’re right, it’s far too long since your last visit: & it’d be wonderful to see you here again. And you can tell Jack that the hens still lay the occasional egg with his name on it* in the hope that he’ll come & see them again, soon!

    Do you remember wandering up the lane & picking those plump, juicy blackberries one early autumn day with goatling Armeria for company? Goodness, she’s now been a Mum herself – twice over in fact – since your visit; quite the matron these days! Nevertheless – still her cheeky, effervescent young self. But it just shows how very swiftly time flies, though…..

    If you cast your eye over the ‘Observer’ photo, you’ll see that two of the goats in the picture appear to be fiercely clashing heads. In fact they were just enjoying a good old bonce-rub on Tony’s crook; & gave a mutual ‘push’ to keep it steady whilst he was wobblingly smiling for the camera (well Thistle, Vine, Wolfie & Ronnie did keep sneaking up behind poor Pal to either munch on his dreadlocks or attempt to unplug the lighting rig….what’s that about never working with children or animals?!).

    Tango – the bristlingly forceful goat to the left of the picture – is currently enjoying the very best of ‘five-star hotel’ life as a guest here, whilst her owners organise their relocation to sunny Portugal (lucky things); but the other goat who’s rubbing heads with her is a now much larger but unfailingly extremely amusing adult, your very same Armeria – still that delightful little goatling who skipped down the lane alongside you that halcyon day….who has simply grown up into her personality (equally enormous & utterly wonderful).

    Meanwhile the chocolate girl in the foreground is our darling Ninny – a very sweet lady who enjoys her work so much she keeps joining the back of the milking queue in the hope of sneaking back into the parlour again, unnoticed. Which just shows we provide the best ‘B&B’ for miles if she keeps coming back for more…!

    We’ll send a humungous email to update you with all the ‘juicy’ bits, as soon as Jo can find 5(ish) minutes to spare whilst not wrestling goats through the new parlour routine (not easy as you can imagine).

    Meanwhile bucketloads of love to you all, we’ve missed you & really look forward to seeing you again soon. Incidentally Jo may be doing goat ‘stuff’ at the Dairy Event at Stoneleigh in a few days’ time – is it OK if she pops in for a cuppa…on the proviso she brings you some of our luxury ice cream, of course?!

    *& for those reading this comment, when little Jack visited a couple of summers ago our hens pulled out all the stops on his behalf – magically laying Very Special Breakfast Eggs.

    So that Jack knew which were for him, our erstwhile hens made sure they carefully wrote his name on each & every fresh-laid egg (not easy with limited toes & being Welsh-speaking chooks).

    But the girls were insistent: even Jack’s little wooden eggcup had to have his own name branded on it “Just so” (the hens told me) “He’d know this was a very special egg, made & laid especially for him”.

    And so, what lovely lady chickens our usually stern Leghorn Crosses – Mrs Hitler & Mrs Mussolini, have proved to be: these days they only peck us if we disturb them whilst they’re laying one of these Very Special Eggs – for our Very Special Guests such as Lucas, Erin & Jack.

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