Caravan Capers

The grey light of an overcast dawn presaged another gloomy day of twilight rather than sunlight.

With friends Barbara & Pete from the Gluten Free Company staying for a few days, I was up at first light to clean & check the caravan’s provisions in preparation for their visit.  They’re attending the Pembrokeshire Show to offer visitors the welcome opportunity to taste samples of their delicious produce.  I can only hope the weather is better for them than it has been over the past few days as apparently business has been snail-pacedly slow & the site, a quagmire; although inevitably the organisers are coping as best they can with the inclement conditions.  It’s such a shame as it’s a lovely event with a far more intimate atmosphere than that of the extremely grand but rather more imposing Royal Welsh Show.

Tony grumpily tackled the morning milking, teamed with an equally grumpy group of goats who were clearly cross at the prospect of potentially spending Yet Another Tedious Day, indoors.  I busied myself with the cleaning, & installed the new microwave & grill I’d purchased as the caravan’s oven has recently proved – ahem – occasionally temperamental.  Everything was soon warm, cosy & clean; & having marked the path with solar lights (I don’t have any Hanzel & Gretyl pebbles, alas) everything seemed suitably prepared for their arrival.  Until I remembered the sheep, that is….

Great lawnmowers, our fleecy friends.  In anticipation of our visitors’ arrival I’d decided to spare a somewhat fractious Tony the chore of mowing the lawn (which he loathes with a passion so always something to keep him usefully occupied, if I’m particularly annoyed with him) & had instead transferred our little flock into the area, to cut the grass on his behalf.  However, being unusually sociable sheep they were still gleefully charging into the little paddock every time they heard me approach; behaviour which I was worried might alarm our unsuspecting chums – especially if they were wending their way though the orchard after dark.  Thankfully our woolly comrades didn’t take much persuading to vacate the premises, being curious creatures who love the novelty of ‘pastures new’; & having faithfully followed their erstwhile shepherdess were soon munching contentedly on Carreg Gwen’s rich clover.

Our lovely Greyface Dartmoor Ram - MacDougal - poses cheerily for the camera despite the unseasonable snow of a late March morning in 2008 - with willing guests feeding these little 'beggars' tidbits, regardless of our attempts at a balanced Winter diet.

A late March morning & MacDougal, our lovely 2008 'pinup' Greyface Dartmoor Ram, poses cheerily (& warmly - note that the snow on his back hasn't even melted, so thick is his enviably luxurious fleece) for the camera. This, despite the unseasonably heavy snowfall over the Ffarm & his sheltered abode in Caravan Corner's paddock....with willingly gullible guests giving endless yummy tidbits to these apparently starving but in reality, already extremely well-fed little beggars...!

Unfortunately the earliest that Pete & Barbara could arrive was tea time; so after ensuring they’d settled down for a comfortable evening we sorted out our animals’ needs before exhaustedly steeling ourselves for a gruelling evening of paperwork.  I swear there’s more to sift through now, than I ever had to deal with in the RAF.
But at least the sheep are happily grazing in their new field – well, for a couple of hours before they decide the novelty’s worn off, that is!

About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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