Confessions of a ‘Holidaying’ Cheesemaker….

Well –

whilst over the Summer I’ve truly missed crafting my deliciously delicate Carn Ingli Chèvre, the longing has been gently tempered by the intensity with which we’ve pursued our passionate activities as Gelatières Artigianales.

Today was a particularly frenetic day, as we had to submit our entries for the Royal Welsh Show.  After milking the goats I spent the morning in painstaking preparation & we forwarded our draft labels to a friend who had kindly offered to support us in our efforts to compete in the Show & launch our business although regrettably we had no free tickets to give away in return; in fact we’ll even have to pay to get ourselves onto the Showground, for our own business launch!  Thankfully in the end we’d opted for simple calligraphy & so were able to dash over & collect the labels not long after we’d decided what to put on them – but by now time was extremely tight as we had to hurry our ice cream all the way to Builth Wells without a proper freezer in which to keep things ice cold.

On arrival at Builth Wells we immediately found ourselves paralysed in a snaking queue of traffic – as although the Show doesn’t even begin until tomorrow, the place was absolutely heaving.   We eventually managed to gain access to the Showground & after a short search, found the Dairy Hall where our exhibits were to be displayed & judged.  I wasted no time at all in getting the precious pots of gelato into the display freezer before carefully setting up our produce & packaging exhibit; several companies were already working on their displays & a few were already finished.  We were situated next to “Kid-Me-Not” who had produced a multi-coloured, multi-tiered display which I felt made ours look very small & – well – neutral, in comparison as I’d opted for mainly beige tones to enhance a simple, fresh & natural feel.  However being surrounded by myriad massive blocks of cheese, maybe we’ll be “lost in the noise”……ah well. 

Our display is almost rudimentary.  It consists of two small milk churns of different sizes to represent the key ingredient in our Gelato – fresh, whole, goats’ milk; a cream jug to represent (funny old thing) the cream; & then produce pots laden with fresh fruit & eggs along with dragon cones spilling out pure sugar, poudre cacao & shards of dark chocolate….all surrounding the ‘ice cream’ I created yesterday which is displayed on a heart-shaped slate board alongside which, is – naturally, a simply-carved Welsh Lovespoon.  I’m hoping that this somewhat rustic look will catch the judges’ eye as at least being different; everyone elses’ displays seem so extravagent & sophisticated by comparison.  Ah, well; if people get to know the name ‘Lovespoon’ as a result, I suppose that’s what counts…..  

Displaying our wares!

 We’d just about finished when it was announced the Dairy Hall was closing; so we hastily gathered our detritus & hurried home.  Having paused for a meal at a very pleasant riverside inn en route we didn’t get back to the Ffarm until past 11pm; after which there were still the remaining chores to complete, much to the annoyance of the goats who really didn’t want to be disturbed – although the babies still needed their last bottle of milk for the day.  By the time we’d finished we too were exhausted, but still couldn’t sleep for the excitement – it’s going to be a long & tiring week, no doubt….!   


About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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