To Be, or Not To Be; That is the Question….



Is it, or isn't it...?!

Is it, or isn't it...?!

So, here we go….

 today’s the day I had to ‘fine tune’ the design of our first-ever Competition entries for the Royal Welsh Show

– but by midnight I still wasn’t sure we were truly Doing The Right Thing. 


Not because I have any concerns regarding the excellent quality of our delicious Gelato; but because I STILL really wasn’t quite sure how to make our Produce & Packaging entry anything like even a modest success….& this is one of the most competitive categories as it stretches right across the board – whether you make cheese, yogurt, butter, or ice cream we’re all in it together; therefore it’s a highly coveted prize.  

Last year’s winning entry was a Wedding Cake made entirely of cheese – how on earth can we possibly top that?!  I can’t even display our ice cream, for goodness’ sake; as the entries for this Class are displayed at around +7°C…. & that’s not exactly a great temperature for even the most dense & luxurious Gelato (give me -7 to -18°C, & I’m yer gal).  So unlike all the other competitors much of what we display needs must be purely representational – ohh, dear; not-what-they-want, methinks.

Cast under a pall of creativeless gloom I could be found trundling my trolley around our local* supermarket this afternoon, where I began to experience a mild sense of panic….how on earth I could possibly complete my entry, without showing off the product  – our mouthwatering Gelato – itself?  Even the fanciest photographic representation, just wouldn’t do it justice. 

I’d earlier spent an unhappily unsuccessful morning, whipping up various concoctions consisiting of quantities of icing sugar, flour & food colouring in the hope of faithfully recreating something which at least looked the part; unfortunately however the only thing I succeeded in doing vaguely well, was coating myself & the entire kitchen with fearsome blobs of unctuous, gelatinous gobbets of livid pink-&-chocolate mess; not to mention burning out the motor of my ‘old faithful’ hand blender…..when I wasn’t gasping for breath amidst angelic, multicoloured dense clouds of floating, floured icing sugar, that is.  What on earth was I to do??

The dessert aisle of said supermarket provided an unexpected solution… the form of moussed cheesecake & set yoghurt (I’ll spare you the gory details).  Once the lightbulb had ‘pinged’ in my ponderous brain I set feverishy to work, filling the trolley & dashing down to the checkout before heading homewards with my hopeful haul.

After his latest caprine skirmishes I unearthed a distinctly jaded Tony, who was relaxing with a well-earned  cup of coffee when I nervously presented him with my ponderously prepared ‘Exhibit A’.

“So, this is one of our entries for tomorrow’s competition…what do you think?” 

Tony carefully considered said pot; paused; then abruptly started making indignant, ‘huffing’ protestations. 

“But you already decorated our Royal Welsh Show pots??  In fact I distinctly recall that you prepared them when they were crafted…?” he sputtered angrily.  “Ah….oh….hang on….please tell me that this really IS, a pot of our Strawberry Gelato….?” he quizzed in now genuinely perplexed bewilderment. 

I grinned.  Triumphantly. 

My cunning plan was evidently proving to be a success – now all I had to fervently hope was that these various cunningly-flavoured pots would remain looking at least credible for the entire duration of the Show; as they’d be on display for all of the anticipated 200,000+ visitors to admire throughout the event.  And as we were launching our business at the same time, we certainly wanted any lingering memories of ‘Lovespoon’ to be positive ones for our audience….!

So right now – yaaawn – I’m going to sleep on it: I’ve now carefully planned & photographed the entire exhibit after a full ‘dress rehearsal’…..let’s just hope it works.  And even if we don’t win anything (which I sincerely doubt we will owing to the superior quality of the competition!) it’s the participation which counts, eh….?!

Anyway, friends; wish us luck….!


*local supermarket – as in belonging to a local entrepreneur & supporting the local economy by providing – where possible – local food for our local town….thank goodness that somebody cares enough, to do so.

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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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