Switch off the mind & let the heart decide….”

Being a Bank Holiday which means there’s no cacophany of ringing telephones, business emails & physical junk mail haranguing us in the post (even this rural idyll has its busy, noisy moments) – it seemed the ideal time to do a bit of catching up with the practical side of things; & although I was hindered in the ‘outdoors’ department by the dull beating of heavy rain in the morning, thankfully the afternoon held more promise, with the wind chasing away the rainclouds to reveal a more pleasant prospect by midday.

However, the wind wasn’t going to let us off lightly.  Buffeting with increasingly stronger gusts it roared in fury around the barns, the trees flailing wildly in wood & hedgerow, tender new leaves ripped from the branches & more elderly trees, ripped out at the root with the occasional gunshot crack of a snapping branch carried on the voice of the harsh Northeasterly wind wracking the valley.

The skies cleared of cloud, the sun shone down with the blithely benign assurance of Spring; but the windchimes jangling in fretful discordancy betrayed the danger posed by the 55mph invisible fury.  Indeed it really did feel at times, as though I was battling with some powerful, unseen monster; suddenly the Kidding Shed door would slam abruptly, the two heavy breezeblocks pinning it back which take me a serious amount of brute force to move, even individually, being shoved out of the way as if they weighed no more than a feather.  I don’t recall a time when the simple chore of doing the milking, felt so frightening.  I was certainly glad to hurry back up the farmyard once I’d battened down the hatches as firmly as possible, closing the cottage door with a huge sigh of relief.

Thomas Dolby, the talented technological musician whose song ‘Windpower’ was released back in 1982 has written an interesting post on his Blog this week*, regarding the way that the sea is slowly but surely reclaiming the UK’s eastern coastline; whilst on ‘Countryfile’ recently a report detailed just how helpless we are to prevent its relentless approach.

The power of this evening’s wind certainly made me pause & appreciate how, despite all our technological advancement we are still, after all, helplessly at the mercy of the mighty elements….

How fragile we are. 


* Catch up with Thomas’s Blog by clicking the ‘Sole Inhabitant’ link under the heading ‘Blogroll’ in the right-hand column.



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