In spite of being an overcast day peppered with showers,

the work doesn’t stop & after a busy day I really do feel exhausted.  With Tony in Tel Aviv on an unexpected trip I was left holding the fort, although I wasn’t around for long as it was time to do some ‘out & about’ chores.  After tackling a mound of early paperwork with the rising of a somewhat shrouded sun I went off to Welsh Class; which thankfully today wasn’t too taxing.  And I had to rush around sorting out bill payments, buying feed & taking in a mound of bottles & tins for recycling as we don’t have any collections at home.

I find this a very frustrating issue.  Despite paying the same council tax as urban dwellers we don’t have any street lighting (not that we want it mind you), rural roads are in a bad state of repair & apart from a weekly refuse collection the only recycling opportunities we’re offered, are a fifteen-minute drive away in the local town.  Thankfully here on the Ffarm we take a responsible attitude to the environment & recycle or compost pretty much all the waste we produce.  However we know all too well that others take this responsibility far more lightly – as the mounds of rubbish which are unceremoniously dumped in our wood with monotonous regularity – & which WE have to clear up –  demonstrates.  In fact with the advent of the proposed “pay as you throw” schemes, more & more people who simply cannot be bothered to sort through & segregate their waste will just offload the problem onto someone else’s doorstep by fly-tipping it; & in our tranquil location we’ll be one of the inevitable victims.  Coupled with this are the new laws surrounding waste on agricultural land; so we could even be fined for someone else’s selfishness. 

Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedy applaud the concept of recycling & feel something must be done – ASAP – to reduce the appalling amount of waste which goes into landfill; but at the same time I do wish that we were offered more ready opportunities ourselves, to recycle (after all, a trip into town costs money!); & in particular that we were offered more assistance when unscrupulous individuals dump their waste on our much-cared-for land (especially when our animals’ lives may be at stake with either garden rubbish or general refuse presenting deadly hazards). 

I’m sure nobody would blame me if when the next bin liner which spills its contents into our wood has any incriminating evidence therein, rather than calling the police (which does not, unfortunately, seem to have any effect) I’ll simply collect it all up, & empty it right back into the owner’s garden.  

As a farmer I know all too well that what ye reap, so shall ye sow, after all….


About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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