Bright & Breezy

It was a zesty, largely pleasant day;

a brisk breeze making it less warm as might be desired in the sunshine & still enduring a very occasional short, sharp cold shower; but by & large with a sky the soaring blue of a dunnock’s egg, it made the spirit take wing.

Boo came a-visiting, after some eggs herself although of the fluffy-feathered, multicoloured hen-&-duck varieties.  She’d just been for her very first Reiki session but wasn’t too sure how it had gone i.e. whether it had improved her bad back.  However, it’s early days, of course; she’ll need a fair few more sessions before she feels the benefits I suspect: like all these things, healing takes time.  And I took unashamed advantage of my willing but ‘captive’ audience, to do a bit of market testing – some of the packaging designs have come back & I wanted to gauge Boo’s response – after all, she’s a potential customer – & not just for an occasional indulgence, but as an integral part of the menu of her forthcoming gourmet evenings.  Interestingly as I did, she went for the typeface with a subtley more Celtic feel – so it will be interesting to see what Thursday’s Focus Group feels about it.

I took Nanuk for a lovely long walk across the fields, discovering she was desperate to make friends with the ponies; rolling over on her back in an attempt to get them to play (although of course she was on the lead the whole time).  So whilst it appeared she was making progress, when I turned homewards past the field with the ewes & lambs, Allia came up & challenged her – & to my dismay, Nanuk immediately lunged & snapped her teeth, restrained again by the lead.  She didn’t do anything more than that & in fact was only responding to Allia’s understandably aggressive lamb-protecting challenge; but it did make me realise Nanuk has so very much further to go, before I can look forward to her dutifully trotting along to heel, off the lead, or lounging around unattended on the farmyard: right now it’s just not worth the risk.  Converesly I did have to walk her back through the area with the wethers & ram; & she behaved impeccably despite the wethers’ skittish behaviour, even sitting on command when they were all running in confused chaos around her. So whilst it’s all a bit ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ at the moment, I think – hope – the sensible dog is starting to show, at long last…..

The highlight of the day had to be whilst I was clearing some paperwork & fortuitously unearthed an otherwise tragically long-lost address list of some of my old work pals: so today I got to catch up with the lovely, lighthearted, glamorous Celia who was my Boss on the Process & Organisation Review Team; Pippa, wife of jovial Welshman Nick whom I was delighted to learn has been promoted but is having to move abroad – so I sent them details of a French smallholding I’d personally love to buy myself, if we didn’t live here; then there’s Dave, who on the Team’s demise, defected to defra & is looking forward to being a Dad for the second time (impressively quick work, too!); & also Theresa, wife of Ed with whom I shared an office & all the trials, tribulations & challenges of deciding to leave an organisation for one’s own ‘pastures new’ – we both did; & neither of us, I’m glad to say, have looked back since.

So it was in bright & breezy mood, that I hummed my way through the music blaring from the radio whilst I  milked the goats this evening; after all, as loveable ole Cockney ‘sparrah’ Bob ‘oskins used to growl, “It’s good ter talk….”


About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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2 Responses to Bright & Breezy

  1. paula says:

    You’re sounding upbeat Jo – that’s good!

    I haven’t forgotten the tagging – up have been up to my eyes with numerous folk and family staying, meat orders, chickenpox along with various Canadian, London and Norwich cold bugs! So healthy is this Isle and all in my house too.

    How did the bank go? They are being horrendously negative in the present financial climate so I hope they managed to see the light with your project.

    I was just looking to see what breed Nanuk was when I discovered you had Main Coons – I used to as well. But found this wet muddy land hell for their long hair, especially during moulting. They are quite shy with stranger but so very loyal to their owners – place didn’t seem as important to them as humans unlike some other breeds.

  2. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Hi Paula –

    no worries, I gather you’ve been busy! – & hope you’ve avoided the bugs.

    We have had success regarding the offer of a bank loan; however much ultimately depends on the valuation for the house. Which got me to thinking…it’s one helluva big loan with the farm as security.

    As a result, Tony & I have had a long chat & are looking at alternative methods of achieving what we need to for the short term at least; including making our produce elsewhere for the time being. We’d rather cut our cloth & take things more steadily than go like a ‘bull at a gate’ & lose all we have. Fools rush in, & all that….

    Tony’s favourite maxim, is “how do you eat the elephant? One bite at a time…” I just worry that if we put the whole pachyderm on our plate at once, we’ll never manage it! We WILL get there; but as you say in the current financial climate, we’ll do it with more caution.

    We have three Maine Coon moglets – as you say, they’re shy with strangers & are even cautious around Tony as he can be quite stompy, if you know what I mean; but are all totally loyal to me & there is always a cat not far away from wherever I happen to be; I’d almost swear they work shifts to keep me company!

    I’ve not found the cleanliness too much of an issue as the girls go out very little during the winter & Moriarty mainly hangs around the barns to snaffle rodent snacks – autumn’s the worst, when Silli uses her tail as a broom & brings in half the hedgerow with her several times a day!

    I’m trying to find Silli’s breeder, a lady named Gill Hall – we were great friends but unfortunately lost touch after she moved to Yorkshire. Her stud was called “Azeba’s Catz” & was based in Oxfordshire – I’ve tried to find it since but it’s not directly mentioned on the UK website. I’d love to catch up & let her know how her feline friends are all getting on – as well as her human ones, of course!

    Nanuk is a Greenland Dog, BTW – unusual in the UK. It’s one of the Spitz (husky-type) breeds. I’m doing some pretty intensive work with her at the moment & she is responding; but owing to her (essentially untrained & now adult dog) background, it’s a slower-than-I’d-like process.

    I’ll see how she goes over the next couple of months; but if I don’t feel I can let her out of her kennel complex, off the lead, without the confidence she’ll walk calmly to heel regardless of the situation, I’ll have to find her a new home – it’s a shame but I must do what’s best for the dog; her quality of life comes first.

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