Walking on the Milky Way

Today Tony hurried through the chores,

& I hurried through the house; whisking around to give the place a quick ‘spring clean’ as today we were to have visitors – Richard & Gary were coming to advise us in fine-tuning our ideas for the Process Rooms & assist with some final missing pieces for the Business Plan.  It’s always great to see the guys; they are so helpful & informative, & today’s meeting was no exception.  And now we really do feel like we’re moving forward – even if it is only inch by inch.  But then slow & steady supposedly wins the race…..!

So it’s been a pretty milky day; & today again little Buddug sloshed speedily around the living room with her noisy full tummy, much to the amusement of our visitors.  In the words of OMD’s great song, she really was ‘Walking (in) a Milky Way….!’.  And hopefully soon, I’ll be ‘Working in a Milky Way’ – not just the endless round of milking the goats & feeding the kids, but with the opportunity to dust of vats, pasteuriser & finally start producing something at last……roll on that day; oh, roll on.


About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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