Furball from Hell


what do you really most need NOT to happen, when you’re fine-tuning your Business Plan in preparation for an important meeting with the Bank Manager, the following day…..?

Have a think about it; but I may be able to answer – & succinctly, if also bizarrely, later in this post….

Firstly however, my day had an early start; which I’d anticipated involving squeezing in all the early chores, followed by nipping Bechan to the veterinary surgery, for her disbudding operation.  Unfortunately I hadn’t banked on the overt amount of time it would take to repatriate Bran & Brengwain back to the Kids’ Nursery.  And before I could put little Buddug with her fat, sore ear safely & comfortably into the pen in the living room (she’d slept separately but close to her pals overnight in her own little box, to protect the ear), everything had to be thoroughly cleaned & disinfected owing in part to Bran’s unsubstantiated sniffles before we could again play ‘musical pens’.

So I hurried off to the vets’, aware I had all too much to do on my return home.  AnnaMarie swiftly performed the disbudding with a pre-prepared, red-hot cauterising iron as soon as the general anaesthetic had taken effect & immediately Bechan was comfortably snoozing, blissfully unaware of the complexities of her careful procedure. 

It was a sad day however; as after seven years’ service with the practice this would be the last typically gentle care AnnaMarie would provide for one of our animals as she’s leaving the surgery for ‘pastures new’ tomorrow – she will be sorely missed by all the local farmers & pet owners not only for her knowledge & skill, but also for her wonderful bedside manner which has put many an animal at ease regardless of the pain & distress they were suffering as the result of their woes: I know, because so very many colleagues have fondly recounted praiseworthy anecdotes of her substantial talents, time & again. 

AnnaMarie, we all wish you the very best of luck with your exciting new career – & want you to know that you’ll be very much missed by all your patients & their carers throughout this little pocket of rural Wales; should you ever return, rest assured we’d all be delighted to welcome you back: so ‘DIOLCH YN FAWR’, ‘LWC DDA’ & ‘POB HWYL’ for an assuredly bright & highly fulfilling future: you deserve every success, & we’ll miss you.

On my return it was back to life, reality & darn hard work with a resounding ‘thump’ – so very much to catch up on; including perfecting the written element of our Business Plan prior to tomorrow’s meeting with the Bank Manager.  All well, so far……

I needed to connect to the Internet, to glean some vital snippets of information: but no joy, annoyingly; the connection apparently wasn’t working.  At first I assumed there must be a fault on the telephone line as our combined fax/printer/photocopier was indicating the telephone was off the hook – however a quick call to Tony on his way home from Baku, proved this evidently wasn’t the case.  Increasingly concerned, I frantically searched for a swift online solution (as not only did the Internet connection not work, I also couldn’t print, fax or photocoy anything either as said connection controls the whole Ffarm network): then, horror of horrors, I found the crux of the problem…. 

Silli – our exquisite little silver Maine Coon cat – had apparently ‘yakked up’ a truly humungous furball (some select grasses included) right over the Ffarm’s network router a short while, beforehand; evidently near-as-dammit neat stomach acid doesn’t really marry well with delicate computer wiring; so said router had literally ‘given up the ghost’.


Tell me, have you ever had to go cap-in-hand to your ‘Skool’ Headmaster & gulp the improbable apology, “the dog ate my homework…..”??  Well that’s exactly how I felt; having to apologise to the Bank Manager that our Business Plan – whilst ready, isn’t exactly ‘hot off the presses’, yet…….the worst thing being in a way, our excuse is the complete, naked truth; but how many people would honestly believe such a crass, childish excuse for not providing such crucial ‘homework’…….?!

Put yerselves in my shoes, & feel deeply sorry for poor little old(ish) me.  Please.

P.S.  Anyone need a nice little one-eyed silver Maine Coon cat as a pet….? Grrrr…..?!  

Never mind, only joking; softie that I am, no matter how many furballs she ‘barfs’ nor how much naughtiness she causes, this lovely little lady’s strictly NOT for sale. Ever.

 So after concluding the evening chores & milking I desperately ploughed on in a vain attempt to retrieve the business plan….punctuated by a poor, pain-wracked, frustrated Tony returning home to help me move Anthemis (Thummy) in to join the rest of the Junior Milkforce to commence work…..despite the unfortunate man’s evident exhaustion & extreme discomfort, as he’d inadvertently cricked his neck whilst turning to check some awkwardly-placed instrumentation on the flight deck en route back to the UK.  Driving all the way back from London on top of the neck strain certainly hadn’t helped matters. 

Back in the house I managed to unearth a ‘clean’ copy of the Executive Summary & we plugged the printer directly into Tony’s laptop so we could at least use it to photocopy; & thankfully Tony had already taken several copies of his figures prior to leaving London when I’d alerted him to our plight back home.  But PC World hadn’t had the router we needed, in stock; plus you can’t just take your computer in to them, if you have a problem; you have to book an appointment for someone to pay a home visit, which takes weeks (our CD drive has also packed up so we had no means of transferring a ‘soft’ copy of the Business Plan from the PC to the laptop either).

So at least weve managed to coble together some information; but compared with our wonderfully comprehensive Business Plan into which we’ve poured so much time & effort, it seems woefully inadeqate somehow.  So Silli really has had the Furball from Hell, it seems….let’s hope we have an understanding Bank Manager!

vening chores finished around 11pm then another hours’ work to try to provide something…exhausted.


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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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