Some Mothers Don’t ‘Ave ‘Em…!

Mothering Sunday,

& not a kid in sight.  According to my voyeuristic observations of Merson’s activities with his harem, & my calculations based thereon, the first of our ladies – Anchusa & Anenometwo (AKA Koo & Ninny!) were due to give birth today. 

However, despite doing pretty passable impressions of beached whales at the moment, they’ve obligingly kept their legs firmly crossed: which is fine by us as the later they kid the later we’ll start getting their lovely milk – & as the basic Dairy Complex building isn’t even finished yet, the longer they can hold on the better as at the moment the only thing we could use the milk for, is to feed their kids & any cade (bottlefed) lambs we might end up with…..what a waste.

It was quite a pleasant, balmy day; so after I’d done my Sunday ‘extras’ of cleaning out all the poultry houses Tony suggested we go out for lunch; as yesterday’s Anniversary meal had been such an unfortunate disaster.  I tried ‘phoning one of our favourite local hostelries – the “Nag’s Head”  – to book a table but the line was continually engaged; so instead we opted to go somewhere different; to a pleasant country mansion a few miles from Cardigan, whose restaurant is highly recommended & to whom we would be interested in supplying our products (if we ever get to make any cheese at this rate!). 

However on arrival, we were disappointed to find the car park full to overflowing – as, clearly, was the restaurant.  Guess what we’d forgotten? 

That it was Mothering Sunday.

So, we decided to chance the “Nag’s Head”, after all; & it was a lovely drive along the river although by now we were feeling fairly peckish, having skipped breakfast in favour of a meal out.  But on getting there it was immediately apparent that there was literally ‘no room at the Inn’: the highly popular pub was bursting at the seams with families of happy diners. 

Disappointed, we headed to a neighbouring village who have just finished refurbishing their pub; & were thankful to find it busy but not over-full, securing us a table for two & the satisfying Sunday lunch we’d hungered for. 

After the meal we popped into the new Tea Rooms which had just opened next door; the proprietress is our vet’s wife, & we wish them the very best of luck in this new venture.  Angus-the-vet was there to help out; & was evidently firing on even more cylinders than usual – he really is the most electric of live wires!

So we headed back to the Ffarm; & Tony, feeling satisfyingly & sleepily full, disappeared for a doze whilst I carried on with research for our Business Plan, interspersed with regular checks on the livestock to see whether anyone was considering kidding, lambing or whatever. 

Thankfully there was no action to report; so at dusk I woke Tony & persuaded him to complete the evening chores whilst I cooked us a simple supper – here, we are at least guaranteed to get a meal after all! 

Anyway, while I’m here I’d like to wish my Mum, a Very Happy Mothers’ Day – she’s simply the Best.

About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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