Today was an important day, concerning LittleFfarm Dairy’s fledgeling business:

we visited our appointed Design Agency, to view the three initial designs from which we shall shortlist one with a view to promoting our products.  Getting the branding right is absolutely crucial: if the packaging looks appealing, a customer is more likey to buy; get it wrong, & you have a PR disaster on your hands & food which won’t shift from the shelves.  So it was with a mingled sense of excitement & trepidation, that we approached the offices in deepest Pembrokeshire….

Each of the three designers went through their work; explaining their ideas behind each initial concept, & how they’d subsequently developed them.  It was a fascinating process & all of the designs had significant merits, although one in particular stood out for us; which became evident when we analysed them all in detail with Malin, our Design Advisor who discussed our thoughts on the matter.  After all, I think a great deal is down to gut instinct: if something appeals, the reaction is almost visceral.

On the way back to the Ffarm we deliberated the matter in more detail; & the more we conferred, the more convinced we became about our initial reaction.  We even stopped at a few shops en route to see how simliar products were displayed: we want something different, something eye-catching; & these days it ‘s hard to come up with true originality. 

After a quick bite of lunch & yet more discourse, we called in to see Boo to gauge her reaction to each design.  She shared our thoughts & in fact her enthusiam spilled over to suggest a clothing range & even jewellery, she was so impressed with the mutually-preferred logo – & we certainly hadn’t even remotely considered such a thing!  It’s a far departure from selling cheese etc, after all….

Finally we popped into see the receptionists in the local vets’, who have been following our progress with enthusiasm (& cannot wait to taste our trial samples, as soon as they’re available!).  They too furnished us with some more very valuable feedback; & it would seem that, so far, we’re all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’.  Fascinating stuff!  And it’s interesting to know what makes consumers tick……we’re learning; lots, & fast.

Back at the ‘ranch’ the girls had been most obliging by not popping anything out, whilst we’d popped out; although Tony has nicknamed them the ‘mobile picnic tables’ as they’re now so broad in the beam you almost could lay place settings on them if they’d keep still long enough!

We were impressed with the progress of the Dairy Complex, today; pretty much all the guttering is on, & the main sheets of the roof are in place now to almost halfway across – welcome news, as at least the slate-&-earth floor for the goats will start to dry out at long last.  The guys must’ve worked very hard & goodness knows what time they got back home to Derby, being a Friday evening & with the roads crawling with commuters.

As we’d been out all day, after finishing the chores I cooked a simple supper & we resumed getting stuck in to the raftload of paperwork; & there are so many outdoor jobs outstanding, I dread to think when they’ll ever get done.  We’re certainly woefully behind on the veggie patch & greenhouses – whose glass, literally is green after the long, wet winter; & needs a good scrub with vinegar as well as some fresh putty here & there.  Well, they do say the glass is always greener, after all…..hoe, hoe, hoe (when I get the time…!).

I was interrupted from my work on the Business Plan, by Tony hurrying round switching off electrical appliances & lights in preparation for tonight’s Big Switchoff. 

I’ve been surprised at the reactions this campaign has provoked; more in fact on this site, than did Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s “Chicken Out!” plea, the other month.  On the whole the majority have been very positive although a few have been slightly more cautious; & the odd one, downright negative.  It’s a shame; as we sat in front of a roaring fire with nothing but its’ light to guide us, we softly discussed environmental issues & how we could make our own lives, even greener; although we already do a great deal & I suspect far more, than the majority of British householders despite the shameful lack of rural encouragement from our local Council. 

In the end we sat there for far longer than the allotted five minutes; & put our own little world, more to rights than it was before; with new ideas on how to be greener (bar for that algae-covered glass & our weed-infested veg beds & wildlife pond, that is!).  So although switching off the lights etc for five minutes, may not have done much to save the planet this evening; switching on to greener credentials, ultimately will – which to us at least, made it all worthwhile.  Who knows what bright sparks of inspiration we’ll come up with, during that whole hour of darkness on 29th March……?! 

And we’re already so fired with enthusiasm for our potential brand design – it really has been a day for lighting the darkness.


About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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