Doing Darkness

A heartfelt plea:

February 29th 2008, between 19:55 & 20:00 hrs, please shut off all the lights & where possible electrical appliances, to help our planet to breathe. 

It’s only for five minutes – but if we all do it – everyone, right across the world – the energy saving will be massive.  If you’re afraid of the dark, light a candle.  But by saving power let’s demonstrate our own power to the greedy governments of this earth –  breathe with our living planet, & get them to listen.  After all, it’s we humans who are slowly killing our home – & it’s the only one we’ve got…..


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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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14 Responses to Doing Darkness

  1. wanderer7 says:

    yep, power down everything. the tv, the computer, the air conditioner, the hair dryer, the tivo.

    it’s an electricity mad world; let’s become a little more sane about it

  2. Sally says:

    Dear Jo,
    I shall certainly join you, but has it been publicised? Before I read your comment I had no idea!

    There is another one on 29th March for one hour 8pm-9pm GMT.

    Let’s all start doing it for 15 minutes every Friday night.
    Best wishes

  3. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Hi Wanderer & Sally –

    we certainly will be doing a big switchoff – not that we have the TV on much these days (no time!) & we don’t have a hairdryer (Tony hasn’t got enough hair to warrant one anyway!) – & our aircon is open windows!

    The first I heard about tomorrow’s Big Switchoff was via a trilingual email I was sent this morning, so it certainly is getting around & putting it on the Blog seems another good way to spread the word.

    But the ‘Big One’ in March will really get people thinking (hopefully) although I do hope nobody’s popping out lambs or kids over that hour – I’ll have to dig out our miner’s lantern if so!

    I agree about the 15 minutes every Friday, Sally…then when people are used to that, eventually perhaps, every evening…think how much just such a simple act could slow down the relentless poisoning of our precious planet!

    Sadly though, there are too many selfish people out there to bother to participate; yet they’d be the first to complain if their home was washed away in a global warming-induced flood.

    We believe in treading lightly upon this earth; hence our Dairy Complex newbuild is crafted from wood from sustainable forests ergo also uses less concrete for the foundations as it weighs less; & the goats will be housed on a natural, earth-&-slate floor: giving better drainage & warmer, too. The Complex will even have a compostable loo, a recycled low-energy radio & all the grey water will be recycled too. And our ultimate goal is to use renewable energy sources; although because we haven’t been in business for a year yet, ironically we don’t qualify for a Carbon Trust loan (& so have to buy new conventional boilers etc etc…crazy). But at least as far as we can be, we’re completely carbon neutral!

  4. Sally says:

    Dear Jo,
    I shall certainly join you tomorrow – and next month for one hour.

    We also believe in treading lightly. I could get political here, but shall resist.

    Best wishes, Sally

  5. hedgewizard says:

    Hi Jo – I can’t find any material on the web about this particular switchoff at all. Have you got a link? While I approve of the concept, the National Grid has pointed out that short switchoffs actually COST carbon because they’re unpredictable, thus necessitating overgeneration of power to meet conservative estimates of demand – something that has to be done to prevent accidental brownout and all the expensive chaos that accompanies it.

  6. rydlp15 says:

    Bother Sun, Sister Moon!
    Let’s go back to Basicsm and vote for the basic Constitution. First and Second ammendments, and them all including the Green party, clean environment, clean spirit.

  7. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Hiya Hedgewizard –

    sorry, I don’t have a link but was sent the ‘swichoff’ request via email.

    My husband also mentioned that troughs & ‘spikes’ can cause problems with powering down &/or up, the generators; I suppose so long as everyone doesn’t pop the kettle on once the switchoff is over, there shouldn’t be any spike!

    Let’s face it – whatever we do, it’s not going to be right in the eyes of the ‘powers that be’ – unless it makes them money. Or am I just being cynical….??

  8. docgrubb says:

    the savings certainly wouldn’t be ‘massive’. powerplants can’t power-down for five minutes – the coal keeps burning, steam keeps steaming…

    BTW, why was this categorized as Religion?

    governments aren’t greedy – people are.

  9. meg says:

    What a great idea and I so hope it catches on for a regular basis. I’ll post it over on my blog, too!

  10. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Meg –

    thanks for posting this on your Blog – heartening to see the collective movement of individuals helping the planet is gathering pace….!

    Doc –

    greetings to you over there in sunny Virginia. Perhaps savings from a five-minute switchoff wouldn’t necessarily change the world overnight; however by giving an individual the opportunity to participate you are offering them a conscious choice – & if they hadn’t bothered about environmental issues before, it might just get them thinking.

    A mere five minutes might seem pathetic but you have to “eat the elephant one bite at a time or you’ll never swallow the whole pachyderm” – if the initial gesture’s too grand people won’t bother as it’ll be perceived as all too difficult. But make it more modest & maneagable to start with, & grow it little by little….& we’ll be more likely to achieve something truly meaningful.

    We turned off everything yesterday evening (it’s 1st March as I write this, BTW) & sat – for far longer than the suggested five minutes, in the end – by the light of the glowing log fire, softly discussing what we could do to be even greener than we already are; & there was plenty, which surprised us.

    So that short-term switchoff will have already reaped longer-term benefits, even if it might not have done much immediate good, last night.

    Perhaps if everyone paused for five minutes to contemplate (whether in the dark or not) their individual impact on the earth, it might help bring about some small but positive change – which I’m sure you wouldn’t object to.

    And however environmentally conscious we believe we already are, there’s always something we could be doing better; after all, it never hurts to review your situation, every now & again!

    Sadly it’s all too true that people are greedy – but not all of them are. And governments are made up of people….

    I originally included the catergory of ‘Religion’ as for many believers from a multiplicity of faiths, a responsible attitude to the environment goes hand-in-glove with their beliefs; & if they hadn’t heard about the Switchoff’ initiative via another method they may have subsequently wished to participate. However, in order to avoid offending your sensibilities, I’ve since removed the post from that category.

  11. hedgewizard says:

    I’ve been wrestling with how I feel about this in the light of your recent comments, and…

    …I’m still in two minds. I read the fuss concerning a previous “Big Switch Off” instigated BY one of the power generators (NPower) a while back, and it turns out they maintained their power generation during the switchoff and upped it by 10% for an hour afterwards. Hmm. Also, I read a separate (unconnected) post by a Chief Fire Officer in the States who said they expect to attend roughly one household fire per 20,000 homes participating in a BSO because people aren’t sensible about candle use. Just goes to show that nothing is without its cost really.

    So – I’m all in favour of the reflection (and I’m extremely fond of log fires) but there has to be a better way, surely.

  12. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Yup – good point!

    But if you don’t start somewhere to get people thinking in the first place, you never get started….so things never happen.

    Great however, that this issue, is firing up a stimulating debate!

    Any suggestions for an alternative inspiration to get people’s enthusiasm similarly generated?

  13. hedgewizard says:

    How’s about me kicking next door’s door down and saying “turn those f***ing exterior lights off, you inconsiderate a*****e? That’s 1200W the planet will never see again!”

    …ahh, that felt good. Couldn’t post that at my place…

  14. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Err, glad to be of service, Hedgie!

    You sure about the ingredients to your Caulipakora? Sounds like it’s upset yer balance a bit, matie! Anyway feel free to pop by any time you need some anger management therapy (although it seems like your annoying neighbour the WingCo, thinks he’s got to light his place up like it’s an aircraft dispersal which might work at Heathrow but is Not Necessary otherwise….)

    Darn, you’ve got me ranting too, now! Pass me the frying pan – & those cauliflower leaves & spices…..!!

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