Looking Up

Deep, dark, sacred night sky: scattered with soft-shimmering stars.

I take a deep breath; gaze wonderingly upwards, how beautiful, how magical, how very timeless, ageless, it is. 

It’s been a better day.

Zuskie thankfully appears to be on the mend at last (the Reiki that Tony’s Dad sent her appears to have worked wonders!).  When breakfast was served this morning, she was first in the typically pushy queue; gobbling up her tasty fill of molassed nuts, peas, sweetcorn, oats & multifarious other delicious, protein-enriched & carefully caprine-balanced goodies. 

On diligently checking her temperature I fussily found it to be slightly on the low side, although it again rose frustratingly to above-normal levels, over the course of the afternoon; but as Zuskie remained bright-eyed, comfortable & animated all day, I opted not to invade her with the ‘booster’ jab the vet had left me “just in case”…

After all; as our sweet lady’s temperature seems to be lurching from significantly below normal, to unhappily above normal I am seriously concerned that Yet More Drugs might rock her little coracle-wobbling, fragile frame into an eternally-unbalanced equilibrium….

Right now, I just want everything to be back to absolutely, normally, normal for our poor beloved girl – not just in terms of her temperature; but regarding her whole fun-loving, cheeky caprine life. 

Meanwhile my poor, ailing Tony limped sorrowfully home from his trip to Aleppo (Syria), very much the worse for wear.  Bunged up with a persistently nasty virus & woefully unable to effectively clear his sinuses, he now appreciates he was – despite all the inevitable commercial pressure – very lucky to make it back to the UK without bursting his eardrums; suffering significant pain during the descent of his flight.  Goodness knows what would’ve happened had the aircraft needed an emergency decompression (I think we can safely say it would’ve been the other pilot’s leg….!). 

In fact whilst he’d been away he’d been so ill, he hadn’t even managed his usual dedicated sampling of the delights of the city’s wonderful ancient souks (especially famous for delectable spices), instead enforcibly staying tucked up in his hotel room with only a  hearty stock of ‘cuppa soups’ & cold remedies for comfort.

How ironic, that since we’ve both had to resort to drinking cows’ milk again now the goats are concentrating on growing their babies, our mutual health has generally & significantly degenerated: the old snuffles & sneezes, the grouchy old wheezes; have returned with a vengeance & we’re both frustratingly struggling to fight off viruses which before now, everyone else succumbed to & we literally sailed over, high on our healthy cloud of goats’ milk.  Alas, no more; at least for the time being….roll on the caprine milk bar!

Tony & I had a careful look around the site of the Dairy Complex, assessing how things are coming on.  Completion of the build still seems a frustratinly far longer way off tha that which we were originally promised.  The lower part of the walls have been completed but that’s about it: no Yorkshire Boarding; no doors; & no roof. 

Staring through the skeletal frame in the russet rays of the dying sunset, the rafters are reminiscent of the naked ribs of some great, primitive, fossilized creature.  After dark the moonlight glows eerily through the empty sockets of the ocular doors; highlighting the silent, mud-spattered belly of our pre-designed ‘beast’ which hopefully, only a few weeks from now, will be a hive of activity: with an eager, goaty Milkforce munching their post-pulsator supper; the measured, milky rhythm in the comfort of the parlour as the girls chorus their impatience to take their turn on the stand; & the tranquility of the Dairy, where Tony & I will work together to craft creations which will bring a smile to the most sad or sultry of faces…..

….that day will come; oh, it cannot come, soon enough.

 Gazing up into the tranquility of the cerulean skies my spirit soars of our winter woodland valley with a springtime, hopeful heart.

Darkness falls: still I stare skywards, ever-hopeful; unfailingly, looking up….


About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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3 Responses to Looking Up

  1. I love the idea of the dairy! I feel in my bones that the business will be a happy and successful venture.

    I envy you the goats. Have got into goat’s yoghurt recently and started making my own – have to buy the goat’s milk though.

    Glad Zuskie is on the mend.

  2. I’m glad Zuskie is feeling a bit better. It’s a worry when they’re ill and, as James Herriott said, “If only they could talk!”

    Like Cottage Smallholder I envy you your goats. We used to keep toggenburgs too and sent the milk to the cheesemakers at Rosebush. That was many years ago now and I still miss them! But it is also nice to be able to have a veggie garden without a few capricious thieves jumping in for a ‘snack’.

    Great website, by the way. I have had a good explore and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your new venture and look forward to sampling some of the produce.

  3. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Hi Margaret, you’re welcome –

    & feel free to pop in any time, bring the family! The girls would be more than welcome to do a bit of bottle-feeding of the kids; as you know BT kids are irresistably gorgeous when they’re tiny. And of course the girls would get ice cream for their trouble….just let me know all your favourite flavours, & we’ll see what we can rustle up!

    Glad you like the website – yours is wonderful too.

    Cottage Smallholder also has a wonderful Blog, beautifully written & with some lovely photos. Shame we’re not a bit closer so I could provide the milk – since drinking it, we’ve never been better!

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