Once again, the weather was unremittingly foul –

even dear Mrs Roberta-Goose proved reluctant to come out of her snug nest today,  although I did wonder whether she’s perhaps gearing to start her annual egg laying again?  Meanwhile I resisted the temptation to clean out the ducks for as long as possible as last time I did so, I got resoundingly drenched; but on opening the back of their house I appreciated I could leave it no longer so grovelled through the guano as hastily as I dared.   

For the rest of the day I slogged through paperwork interspersed with research into the vast amount of equipment we require to start the business – I’m sure I’ll forget something anyway!

Meanwhile the excavator was finally being repaired although disappointingly it was not quite finished today.  Admittedly I was alarmed at the way the electrical plug providing power to the equipment required to mend said machinery, was removed from the wall of the Long Barn (I gather, basically a firm tug on the wire at a fair distance from the aged socket)….especially as it’s situated over a large pile of seasoned firewood!  Further, to my dismay I discovered that several fuel cans had appeared in the haybarn adjacent to the machinery under repair… this what’s generally known as a recipe for disaster?!  It took a lot of time & huff-puffing effort to (wo)manhandle them back to the building site; but it HAD to be done; we simply cannot put our precious fooder at risk.

Desirous of a little time to recover from another damp day I relaxed in front of a couple of TV programmes: first watching ‘Dog Borstal’, which featured a pernicious pug with an overindulgent owner (can you believe she used to take the dog to a beautician to have manicures?!  What an infernal Waste Of Money) – but the best bit, was forcing the owner to dress in embarrassingly ridiculous outfits & then parading her in public – exactly what she did to her DOG.  She soon stopped dressing said pampered pooch in pink hoodies -thank goodness. 

Next on the (TV) menu was the first in the new series of ‘Torchwood’ – which is basically, a ‘grown up’  “Dr Who” (for those of us who can remember cowering behind the sofa in excited terror at the sight of the black-& white Cybermen every childhood Saturday tea-time) – good fun & brings back many happy-scary memories…! 

It was followed by a programme about eccentric male characters abiding on Bodmin Moor…which admittedly I found rather depressing; as I’m sure these gentlemen did not intend to be portrayed in the way in which they were – as oddballs, eclectics & weird, sad, lonely people; not very fair, there is so much more to people & the media can be warped in their portrayals in pursuit of a ‘good story’.

Thus it was a sleepless, restless, long & lonely night which followed…..but was it the befuddled concern that the barn could literally go up in smoke at any moment owing to the exavator – whose bucket curled like a recumbant dragon & was dripping fuel which snaked across the barn floor; or was it the thought of those terrifying tinfoil Cybermen, tramping down the drive; after all, there’s no longer room for the adult ‘me’ to hide behind the sofa!  Thank goodness the Daleks would never make it over all the ruts & bumps following the recent heavy rain……… 


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The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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