Questions, Questions…?!

Hmmmm……I have a question for you:

Do any of you out there in Blogland, find this a fascinatingly voyeurisitc experience? 

I’m often made aware that there are many, many people out there, who are mutely assessing what we’re doing; & sometimes, not so silently; when (for example) someone you’ve never met or don’t even know will ask the most probing questions, demanding a full & detailed reply about any & every aspect of your life, work or business.

Naturally, I do expect this; after all, it’s my choice to write about our progress along smallholding’s slippery slope; & I really enjoy doing so as many of you have encouraged me to, assuring me you relish reading this humble chronicle of our trials, tribulations & triumphs here on our little Ffarm: & we do so, to encourage & support others intending to embark on similar ventures or with longer-term aspirations; but especially, to help prevent others avoid the pitfalls into which we ourselves have at times unwittingly stumbled.  

Recently, I’ve received an increasing volume of questions regarding our products, how we craft them, & when we expect to be able to market them….I’m delighted people are so very interested & hopefully excited at the prospect of being able to sample the fruits of our labours, at long last – & we passionately share that enthusiasm.

However, what I do find somewhat disappointing & occasionally even frustrating, is that after I’ve gone to a great deal of time & trouble to respond – as I do – to each & every query as best I can (often leaching into my own scant spare time to carry out a lot of background research to boot), many people choose not to reciprocate my efforts & instead ignore any modestly responsive questions I may have posed of them; such as “where are you, & what is your interest in this subject please?”

As many of you evidently feel moved to ask me about what we’re doing & why (& I’m delighted we’re generating such interest), I too have good reason to ask certain questions of you my inquisitors, in return; & I feel perhaps now is the time I should explain why, for those who might feel offended at my perceived downright nosiness! 

Basically, regarding the vast majority of cases, I have no idea who you are; where you are; nor what your motivation is for requesting specific or precise information of me regarding this company.  You see, as we are about to launch a new business & new products into an inevitably competitive market, unfortunately a great deal of what we are doing at present simply must remain COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE, much as I’d love to share many of my daring dairying antics with you. 

After all; please observe, from our point of view: for all we know, you could be a commercial rival looking to poach a potentially lucrative recipe or idea – or attempting to undercut us in advance; or even trying to make sure we fall at the first hurdle.  Whilst I would sincerely like to believe that this would never be the case & that everyone in business is similarly ethically-minded & honestly motivated as are we (& everyone we’ve met so far certainly seems to be, thank goodness); I am a realist, & do appreciate that it’s a highly competitive, cut-throat world out there – whether you’re selling clockwork mice on a market stall or a top-quality artisan cheese purveyed by the most exclusive delicatessens in the world. 

So, my apologies, I never intend to offend; but in future, if you ask me a few incisive questions, I’d be most grateful for a prior reply to mine (which I may subsequently prefer to proffer offline, if your query is by nature commercially sensitive) – as after all, I’m sure you can now appreciate this is a highly volatile, fast-moving time for an embryonic business which desperately seeks to offer its’ customers, something a little different – & of course: the very, very Best of the Best.


Meanwhile it’s been a relatively quiet day, here on the Ffarm; Tony had endured an exhausting twenty++ hour day, prior to collapsing into bed yesterday evening after which he enjoyed a goodly & well-deserved lie-in whilst I tackled the daily chores; battling through appalling rain, wind, & even more rain. 

Oh, what a miserable day.



About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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2 Responses to Questions, Questions…?!

  1. Kay Taplin says:

    Hi Jo
    Well done you! Having been involved in some difficult situations (commercial but completely dissimilar to yours) in the past, I think you are doing just the right thing – sharing some of your life with others but not all of it
    I am slowly catching up on various blogs since beginning Jan since the departure (or arrival from your point of view) of our girls and Brian (boo hoo from John) but as I’m not v computer literate I’m not sure how much I’m able to ge – I was delighted to see my mum’s blog and told her so!
    Also, with the dreadful weather we had earlier this month we have been wondering how you’ve been doing and your info has brought me into the picture
    All the best to Tony, and you of course

  2. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Hi there, Kay –

    Brian sends his love & wanted John to know that along with the girls, he’s settled in well & is best chums with Merson so all’s well there! Poor Tango has a bit of a blocked & snotty nose at the mo, there seems to be something ‘doing the rounds’ so I’ll pop in to see Angus the vet & gauge whether there’s anything to clear things up or whether to just let it run its course – she’s absolutely fine in herself, eating with gusto & coming over for lots of cuddles, munchies etc (& Brian was begging from the girls on the milking bench, naughty boy…!). Thistle managed to get hold of two unopened boxes of milking gloves which were on top of the First Aid cabinet the other day (no idea how she did it) & it looked as if it’d snowed in the pen by the time I got there! That’ll teach me….

    Thank you for your kind & perceptive comment above, some people have been unfairly critical about the fact that I’ve absolutely had to keep some information ‘under wraps’ at least for the time being. It’s wonderful that people are so interested; & of course we love to share what we’re doing as we’re very excited about it – but these days it is very dangerous to wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve, alas…..

    Lovely that your mum posted here – I too was delighted – & hope she’ll come over with you to visit Brian & the gang some time soon!

    Hope things are going well with you & that your project also, is taking shape as you’re anticipating.

    Best wishes,

    Jo, Tony, Brian, Tango, Thistle, Babe, Pudding & everyone else! xx

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