In the Pudding Club….?

Morning, & still the rain poured down on the little Ffarm.

Thankfully, the storm seemed to have wearied itself; & the relentless rain dwindled to a dismal drizzle until by lunchtime, it had petered out altogether.  I discussed the possibility of meeting some brand designers with our advisor from Design Wales, & she agreed to set up some meetings, in the meantime sending me a copy of the design brief to proof read. 

It would appear the excavator still cannot be fixed; an engineer arrived early this morning, but after a brief flurry of activity when some pipes & shuttering were delivered, the team left & the Ffarm was quiet again.  I worked on some paperwork & started typing a business document & then at 2pm, said goodbye to Tony who was on his way to Beirut.  

This afternoon I had a visit from Janet, who runs Pant Glas World of Nature some ten miles away, near Llandysul.  This lovely Farm Park boasts a very wide range of animal attractions – from ferrets to furry ponies – & is particularly famous for its Birds of Prey having regular flying displays of owls & hawks, & even running courses for the more ambitious.  You can see how silk is made & watch honeybees at work, before retiring to the Harvest Mouse Tea Room for light refreshments.  Janet’s story is fascinating; & she can boast a lifetime’s experience which led her to make the break & move to Wales, to live the dream & establish the Farm Park.  And it’s certainly been worth her while – a credit to her experience & dedication.  We had a wander round the Ffarm before retiring to the house for a cuppa & a chat, after which we both had to hurry back to do our respective evening chores. 

On treating Morganna’s udder I was relieved to find it really is much improved; although I think I’m off cottage cheese for life now, as that’s essentially what came out of her affected teat – disgusting.  It wasn’t just the way it had to be coaxed out in great gobbets, it was the spongy sensation as it splurged out into the bucket beneath, & it clearly wasn’t exactly comfortable for the poor goat, either.  But she’s very patient & seems to appreciate, somehow, that I’m trying to help; even standing on the gate & calling to me when she’s feeling a bit sore & wants to be relieved of her squidgy burden.  Meanwhile Merson was clearly getting amorous toward another member of his new harem – doing his best to woo young Pudding, who was herself meanwhile picking a squabble with friend Babe.  But Merson was clearly enjoying the whole thing – especially flattered at being argued over!

Tony & I had our first proper ‘Skype’ conversation, this evening; basically by putting the ‘phone line through the computer, we can speak to each other from anywhere in the world, free of charge – an absolute boon when he’s away.  And it was clear as a bell; although a little weird to speak into the handset & find Tony’s disembodied voice replying from (it seemed) somewhere behind the computer screen!  But he’d had a good flight; & was ready to catch up on some sleep after his extremely busy short-haul day, yesterday.

Alas, I retired to bed with cats in tow (taking full advantage of Tony’s absence, as ever), to the sound of heavy rain whispering on the roof; so here comes more soot & more choking fumes, no doubt….


About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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