Very Bunny, bmi!

I woke as ever well before dawn, but feeling distinctly jaded;

though the chores still had to be done: & I know from experience that the goats certainly wouldn’t thank me if they didn’t have their breakfast served, bang on time! 

I passed the day in a haze of increasingly uncomfortable snuffles & was very much relieved when Tony finally arrived home that evening; especially as the Hooligans – who had been out for the afternoon – had inadvertently smashed into a stable door on taking fright at a neighbour’s off-roading activity with their unfortunately very loud, old landrover;  the frightened goats pulled the lower hinge clean off & had rendered the door effectively useless.  Alas, our neighbours had tried to warn me that they’d be having a ‘play’ in the fields bordering our land at the lower end of the wooded valley; however I’d been outside working when they’d called & so had not got the message until it was all too late.  Thankfully none of the goats suffered more than a few scratches; & our horses & ponies are robustly ‘bomb-proof’, especially with the RAF’s monotonous fast-jet manoeuvres occasionally overhead; but inevitably, I still worry that at this critical stage in our young goats’ first pregnancies that such an unexpectedly bad scare could potentially cause the Hooligans to abort their babies; well, I suppose, only time will tell.

Tony had offered to call in at our favourite chip shop en route home, which was very tempting as the last meal we’d bought there proved to be the best fish & chips in the area by a long chalk; however I really wasn’t feeling hungry owing to my increasing snuffes, besides which there was my fine pot of ‘Bubbling Squeak’ stew to be tackled. 

On Tony’s return I was given a lovely Lindt chocolate reindeer, which has a particularly funny story attached: he felt he just had to purchase said animal specially after an amusing incident on board bmi’s Christmas flights; as he valued my opinion as a seasoned farmer regarding the category under which defra should place such conspicuous confectionary.  Apparently the short-haul sandwich boxes bmi now provide, each contain a little Lindt bunny: but the cabin crew have been ordered to persuade any festively-seasonal passengers, that said rabbits are in fact reindeer!  Sorry to burst your corporate bubble bmi, but I think even your most naïve passengers can tell the difference between an ickle fluffy bunny & large, horned, sleigh-pulling ungulate!

Personally I can’t wait to see their Easter range; doubtless the late-arrival reindeer will be touted as Lindt Easter Bunnies….so, come on bmi passengers – fill yer Santa boots with this amusing wind-up – & make sure you complain vociferously, when at Easter your cabin crew desperately try to dupe you into thinking what is obviously a reindeer, is a rabbit.  I for one, woud be hopping mad to be given a reindeer, at Easter…..!! 


About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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3 Responses to Very Bunny, bmi!

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  2. Jay Whitfield says:

    Hi, Happy and healthy New Year. You and me both with the sniffles. Thank goodness I don’t have to go outside like I used to.
    Sorry about your gate,
    Mark is coming again at the end of January. He can give you more notice of his plans. See you when we’re better.

  3. LittleFfarm Dairy says:

    Sounds like we all could do with a bit more of the ‘healthy’ bit –

    It’s been Tony’s turn here, to spend most of the day in bed feeling extremely sorry for himself! Whilst I’m getting a bit better, he’s just coming down with this bug; & it’s horrible, I especially don’t envy him lurching from jet lag to virus. I do so hope you haven’t got this latest ‘nasty’ too, it really knocked me for six. I gather we’re not alone as loads of people in the neighbourhood have gone down with it apparently but dragging ourselves around to do the chores has certainly proved hard work today.

    The stable door which was broken is just one of those things – ironically though, it’s the door to the rear of the kidding shed. Whilst I managed to pull it shut & secure it (sort of) on the day it happened, because of the way the hinge was pulled from the wall it hasn’t really been safe to use again, since; & because Tony’s been busy relocating the milking parlour so we could house the new arrivals it hasn’t yet been fixed. We’ve subsequently decided regardless of the weather, that it’s not really safe to let the goats out at the mo; & being New Year you never know what stray rockets might be about, I know there were certainly some loud ones last night in spite of how remote we are!

    Meanwhile I discovered today that those naughty Hooligans also somehow managed to get to the connector cable which feeds the electric fence, so that will also require repair before they can again be let out in safety – cheeky little devils!

    Would very much appreciate if Mark could let us know when he’s back what his plans are in terms of offroading in the lower fields, as we really do like to get the girls out if at all possible especially now their pregnancies are progressing, they really do seem to benefit from the exercise. Of late our wretched telephone doesn’t always even ring, regardless of not yet fitting the external bell – bloomin’ BT!

    Anyway, it’s good to talk – & I look forward, as ever, to catching up again soon when hopefully we’re both over the sniffles & we can take the dogs out for a a good long romp together.

    The hens are so impressed with their new consort they’ve improved their laying slightly – so do tell Mark if he wants any eggs when he next comes down, I’ll be happy to sort him some out. I may need him ofr his midwifery skills, the rate things are going…!!

    Happy New Year to you all up there, & hope you feel better soon.

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