Thus, another fun-packed day dawned:

firstly, with a Welsh lesson (which, thankfully for Boo & I, was basically revision of everything we’d covered earlier in the term, including some basic introductional greetings in the third person) followed by our usual coffee session, during which we worked out some phrases for Boo to try at a forthcoming social event when introducing her husband to other guests: so she could formally introduce him as well as telling others where they live; where he comes from originally; & what he does & where he works – a productive exercise.  Unfortunately I couldn’t stay too long however, as I had to hurry home for a brand design discussion, when we would be meeting our new Design Advisor for the first time. 

We spent the afternoon discussing (& sampling!) our products & outlining the background surrounding the company & the Ffarm, plus ideas we’ve had for potential branding of our products.  One particular product name stood out; so we are going to get it trademarked as the concern is it could be adopted by somebody else if they get to hear about it.  Meanwhile we now have to carry out our own market research & consider the target market for our products: who they are, what sort of careers they have; magazines they read; cars they drive etc etc – so we can focus our efforts on selling to them.  We also need to think about our own business, & the image we want to portray: i.e. modern, or traditional?  Fresh & natural, or cheap n’cheerful? etc etc, along with key words that stand out for who we are.  So it will be a fascinating exercise & when we meet up again in a couple of weeks we should be able to move further forward – as the next step is meeting potential designers, & seeing what ideas they have.  We generally feel our products speak for themselves; & when sampled today by our Design Adviser, I’m glad to say they got a definite ‘thumbs up’!

After putting the Ffarm to bed we opted for an early night rather than doing what we’d originally planned, which was discussing our design plans in more detail; unfortunately Tony had an extremely early start the following morning, being on standby at Heathrow tomorrow from 6am, which means a 2am start in order to be within an hour & a half’s drive of the airport by the time his duty commences.  Alas, this never used to happen under BMed but now does for about a week out of every month, under the new company – which is doubly frustrating for Tony as he has discovered that his colleagues living within the M25, are generally allocated the second standby shift which starts from 11am onwards – either that or they are almost exclusively working long-haul, which they don’t want as they’d rather be home each night; yet he’s being given mostly short-haul it seems, which of course does not suit our lifestyle at all; & the reason he joined BMed with its’ long-haul philosophy, in the first place. Chatting to other crews however, he has invariably been told that the staff who compile the monthly flying programme up at ‘Toad Hall’ in Donnington, have to manage their massive roster manually, rather than via a computer programme as is used by most other airlines.  Subsequently they simply have neither the time nor the interest to take individual circumstances into account as the personal touch of smaller organisations, has been lost; nor, he has also been warned, do they seem to care…..hmmm, not good, methinks – no wonder Tony has been so moody, lately. 

So, no rest for the wicked, eh….?!    ;0)


About LittleFfarm Dairy

The LittleFfarm Dairy Team: Jo - Goat farmer & Gelatiere Artigianale, plus General Dogsbody; Tony - Airline Pilot & part-time Herd Manager, Product Taster, Accounts Secretary, Handyman etc!
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